Is Online/Distance BPharma Course Valid or Invalid in India?



24 April, 2024

Is Online/Distance BPharma Course Valid or Invalid in India?

Are you deciding whether to become a pharmacist, medical researcher, or clinical researcher? Well, we are here with you towards the journey of the road not taken. Let us find out where the road of online BPharma would take you. Come along with us, we have all the answers. This is the magical fountain for all the answers, all you have to do is scroll down and find out. It works without the magic of the coin!

The Regulatory Landscape

Let’s see who rules the decisions for online/distance BPharma Courses:

  • Bar Council of India (BCI): The BCI predominantly regulates legal education in the country and accredits law schools. Due to a lack of regulations and necessary credentials, the body refuses to extend its regulation pass for online/distance BParma courses.

  • University Grants Commission (UGC): The UGC is the body that sets standards and guidelines for universities offering BPharma courses. The UGC has refused to approve such courses owing to quality issues, lack of opportunity for practical training, student engagement and regulatory compliance.

  • Pharmacy Council of India: The Pharmacy Council of India regulates pharmacy education and practice, including accreditation of BPharma courses. The Pharmacy Council of India still needs to provide accreditation or approval for BPharma courses.

How it Works: Valid or Invalid

Now that we know who regulates the accreditation and validation of online/distance courses, let’s see how such courses stand valid or invalid:

  • Accreditation: Accreditation makes sure that courses meet a particular standard and regulatory bodies cognise it. Online BPharma courses lack accreditation, which could raise concerns about their legitimacy.

  • Lack of Skill Development: Online courses offer flexibility, but they lack in-person skill development training and other traditional class advantages.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Online courses are often more affordable than traditional offline but lower costs may also compromise quality or limited resources.

  • Technology: Online/distance courses provide technological facilities and initiatives to learn online, however, they do not guarantee hands-on experience opportunities which BPharma requires the most.

  • Practical Training: Online BPharma courses lack adequate practical training opportunities, raising doubts about the competence and preparedness of graduates.

  • Employer Recognition: While traditional offline BPharma degrees are widely recognised and valued by employers, online degrees may face scepticism due to concerns about the quality and authenticity of education delivered in virtual settings.

Online BPharma Courses: The Yet-to-Know Course

Let us look at why online BPharma Courses and the green tick it needs:

S.No Limitations of Online BPharma Courses Reasons for Delayed Adoption
1 Limited practical training opportunities No hands-on experience in physical labs
2 Challenges in Replicating Classroom Interactions Difficulty in discussions and debates online
3 Accreditation issues Lack of recognition and endorsement
4 Potential concerns about examination integrity Difficulty in ensuring the integrity and security
5 Infrastructure inadequacies Insufficient resources

The Game of Comparison: Offline BPharma Features vs. Online BPharma

Here is a quick comparison between offline and online BPharma courses:

Features Offline BPharma Online BPharma
Accreditation Accredited by the Bar Council of India Absence of accreditation
Quality of Education Comprehensive theoretical and practical modules Replication challenges
Employer Recognition Highly valued by employers Scepticism about online degrees
Practical Training Extensive opportunities in physical labs Limited practical learning
Curriculum Depth Emphasis on practical learning Lack of depth and practical application
Faculty Expertise Access to experienced faculty members Lack of interactive engagement
Networking Opportunities Extensive networking with peers and professionals Limited networking
Research Facilities Access to well-equipped facilities Lack of physical research facilities
Industry Collaboration Collaboration with industry for internships Limited real-world exposure

Implications for Aspiring Pharmacists

Here we have a list of implications aspiring pharmacists must consider:

  • Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance: Before choosing the BParma course from a particular university or institute, ensure it is accredited by regulatory bodies like UGC to validate the quality and legitimacy.

  • Practical Training and Hands-on Experience: Practical training opportunities and hand-on experience ina college campuses is essential for developing skills and competencies in the field. So, before zeroing in on the course, make sure you get to develop these skills.

  • Faculty Support and Engagement: Before picking a BPharma course from a specific institution, assess the faculty support and student engagement facilitated by the same.

  • Employability and Career Prospects: Consider employers’ perceptions of online BPharma degrees and their potential impact on future career prospects and opportunities for professional advancement.

Logging Out

Unlike every other coursework, online/distance learning has a blend of resources and limitations. But you get to choose where you belong. This should be based on your career aspiration, passion, and personal life. Before you hop on to any course, ensure it is recognised and accredited and provides the training required by the job market. This is all from our end. Online/distance BPharma is still under regulation.

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