Online B.Sc In Psychology: Fee, Course, Admission, Colleges, Scope



11 June, 2024

Online B.Sc In Psychology: Fee, Course, Admission, Colleges, Scope

Do you ever wonder, by far, which is the most magnificent creation in this universe? It can create something that never existed, challenge what persists, dream beyond the stars, adapt what has changed, and unravel the most intricate mysteries! This creation is capable of experiencing innumerable layers of emotions, and what keeps it alive is the endless quest for exploration. Experiences that create memories and expectations that create imagination are the delicate threads that weave thoughts and dreams. The more profound you go, the more you explore how intricately it has been structured. It has the tremendous capability to heal and connect, a testament to the relationships it builds.

This remarkable creation is the Human Mind—a beautiful art that no one can question its competence. It is the amalgamation of the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious, all three with an entirely different role to play, but together, they form the human consciousness. Every thought that strikes, every decision we make, every ability we possess, every skill we learn, and every emotion we experience involves the human mind.

However, look at how ironic it is: the human mind can create anything it desires except a replica of itself! That is perhaps why we have never been able to create anything closer than a robot. The human mind does not even maximise the optimal thinking capacity, but it brings the world the most beautiful inventions and discoveries. A film like Lucy can be a perfect example of how humans would function if they utilised 100% of their minds. However, what it may lead to can be enormously disastrous and unkind to the entire race! Perhaps that’s why the creator never built any human with that level of unbeatable intelligence.

As intriguing as the human mind sounds, it is also a complex concoction of psychological concepts such as the Placebo effect, Locus of Control, Emotional Intelligence, Intelligent Quotient, Heuristics, biases, and much more! To enhance your understanding of these concepts, you can pursue a degree in Psychology that can give you an insight into the wonders the mind is capable of!

Let us now break it down for a detailed understanding:

Online/ Distance B.Sc Psychology – Highlights

Parameters  Details 
Name  B.Sc Psychology- Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Type  Undergraduate Degree
Duration Typically 3 years or 6 semesters
4 years or 8 semesters
Eligibility criteria  Passed class 12th with at least 35% to 50%.
Subjects required: Humanities (Psychology, Economics or History, Political Science, English Literature)*However, you may not necessarily be required to study the same subjects.
Admission Process Common and College-specific entrance exams.
Average Salary INR 3.6 – INR 4.5 LPA
INR 22 – INR 24 LPA (may differ according to the job role)
Job Profiles Counsellor
Educational Psychologist
Social Worker
School Counsellor
Placement Opportunities  Career advisor
Industrial or Organisational Psychologist

Why Should You Study An Online B.Sc In Psychology?

  • Self-discipline and motivation:

    An online course can allow you to manage your time better. It can help you compartmentalise your work and personal commitments. This will induce disciplinary habits and eventually enhance the quality of your academic and work life. You can also take some time out and dedicate it to self-study, which can be useful in maintaining your pace with the new topics you study without compromising on efficient learning.

  • Interactions:

    Online courses or distance learning curricula may also open doors to interactions with people from different walks of life. This experience of interacting with new people can allow you to explore various opinions. It then allows you to value the differences in people’s thinking patterns, building empathy and cordial equations with your counterparts.

  • Flexibility:

    There is no doubt about the flexible timings and schedules of online programmes. This will make it easier for you to access your academic material. You can study at your own pace, complete assignments, and still have the remaining time to yourself.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

    Psychology degrees can be expensive, especially if you plan to move abroad for further education. Studying online naturally saves considerable time, money, and other miscellaneous resources. You can save this money and use it later when pursuing higher degrees. Saving during your undergraduate can actually prove to be a boon!

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Online/ Distance B.Sc In Psychology?

Here is a list of eligibility criteria you may have to cross-check to be admitted to the distance/online B.Sc course Psychology :

  1. Students must have 12th completed with a minimum of 35% PCB/PCM stream from a recognised board.

  2. Unlike Online BSc Psychology courses, admission to Distance BSc Psychology programs is primarily based on merit scores, while experience is not a prerequisite.

  3. Eligibility criteria for Distance BSc Psychology typically require students to have completed their 10+2 education from a recognised university.

  4. Renowned institutions offering BSc Psychology Distance Education include IGNOU, where admission processes are conducted online.

  5. Other reputable institutes, such as NIMS University, Kalinga University, and Jaipur National University, offer Distance BSc Psychology programs.

Documents For Online/Distance B.Sc Course Psychology Admission 2024

The list of documents may vary and depend on the specific college. However, here is a list of general documents required at the time of admission:

  1. Passport Size Photograph

  2. Address Proof

  3. Graduation Certificate

  4. Income Certificate

  5. Transfer Certificate

  6. Graduation Mark sheet

What Is The Admission Process For Online/Distance B.Sc Psychology?

Here is a step-by-step process of taking admission in the Distance/Online B.Sc course Psychology :

Check for eligibility:

TO enrol yourself in the online/distance B.Sc  course in Psychology, you must start by cross-checking the eligibility for the course you aspire to pursue. Check for the subjects you are required to study before the course. This includes completing your 10+2 in any stream from a reconciled board with a minimum percentage of 35% to 50% in your last examination.


After confirming your eligibility, select the appropriate course and complete the application form meticulously. Remember to include all necessary documents. Typically, you can locate this form on the college’s website. Pay close attention to the commencement and closure dates to submit your application promptly. Occasionally, colleges may extend the deadline, so stay vigilant about any updates.


For admission to an Online/Distance B.Sc course in Psychology, merit-based selection processes are typically employed. Thus, monitoring the entrance exam dates specific to the college or university you’re interested in is crucial. Commonly accepted entrance exams for this course include SAT, JMI Entrance Exam, CUET, PUB DET, and BHU UET, among others. Familiarise yourself with the exam syllabus and practice mock papers to grasp the paper format effectively. Stay updated on the schedule and any potential modifications.


The college or university will shortlist your name depending on your entrance examination score. This also depends on the cut-off scores that the college releases at the time of admissions. You can keep track of the upcoming updates regarding the interview process. Some colleges have one to multiple rounds of interviews. They may also include any specific task you may be required to perform. Additionally, the mock interviews on the internet can prepare you for the same. They can help you gain insight into the major factors that you might be judged based on during an interview. If you manage to clear the interview, the college will announce the details regarding the induction.

Top Distance/Online B.Sc Course In Psychology Colleges

These colleges’ courses are graded by NAAC and approved by AICTE:

College Name  Course Fee (subject to change)
IGNOU INR 16,500
Jaipur National University INR 65000
Tamil Nadu Open University INR 93000 – INR 95000 per annum
Nalanda Open University INR 24,000
Netaji Subhas Open University INR 13,000 – INR 15,000

Here’s The List Of Subjects Of Distance/Online B.Sc In Psychology

Semester  Subjects
Semester 1 Foundation in English
General Psychology – I
Biological Psychology – I
Educational Psychology
Semester 2 Foundation in English
General Psychology – II
Biological Psychology – II
Health Psychology
Semester 3 Learner‘s Choice – CBCS
Research Methods & Statistics
Developmental Psychology – I
Foundation in English
Semester 4 Environmental Studies
Foundation in English
Developmental Psychology – II
Experimental Psychology- I (Practical)
Life Skills Education
Semester 5 Social Psychology – I
Abnormal Psychology – I
Learner‘s Choice – CBCS
Guidance & Counselling Psychology
Industrial /Organizational Psychology
Semester 6 Social Psychology-II
Abnormal Psychology-II
Basic Counselling Skills
Human Resource Development
Experimental Psychology- II (Practical)

B.Sc Psychology Graduates’ Jobs & Salaries

The salary range for positions in B.Sc. Psychology is influenced by factors such as educational background and professional experience. Below is a broad summary of the remuneration companies commonly provide for these positions, offering a glimpse into the pay scale within the field.

Jobs  Average Pay
Clinical Psychologist INR 4.9 Lakhs
Human Resources Executive INR 3.3 Lakhs
Cognitive Behavioral Therapist INR 2.7 Lakhs
Teaching Assistant INR 2.7 Lakhs
School Counsellor INR 3.9 Lakhs
Patient Counsellor INR 3.1 Lakhs

Key Take Aways

Psychology as a career is promising in terms of its growth and demand. After the covid pandemic and the lockdown, the demand for psychologists has skyrocketed. Therapists are not just regarded for counselling but also in other non-quintessential industries. The degree of psychology holds its value even in a field like Human Resources or the Military. The demand will rise because technology can never completely replace human contact and its significance. Work-life in every industry has affected the employees’ mental and physical health. A psychologist maintains the equilibrium in such work sectors by ensuring the employees have the opportunity for grievance redressal.

The value of this degree has risen also because of the lifestyle we have become accustomed to. From teenage to adulthood, we are constantly surrounded by challenges, and in this entire process, we forget to be kind to ourselves. A psychologist or a therapist can add more value to an individual’s life if they counsel and guide them through their decision-making process. Additionally, the only threat that possibly degrades the value of psychology is the emotionally draining life that comes along with it. For someone not accustomed to a life where they are on, they lend a shoulder to someone else’s life problems. It might be initially challenging. An impressive salary can only be promised if you complete at least a master’s degree and an even better figure if you pursue higher degrees such as an M.Phil or PhD. This can, however, be quite daunting and time-consuming.

You can reconsider the idea if you also look forward to specific other commitments. Online B.Sc. courses in Psychology programs offer flexibility and accessibility, allowing students to balance education with personal and professional commitments. Renowned institutions provide quality education comparable to traditional programs, enabling graduates to pursue diverse career opportunities in psychology and related fields. With self-paced learning and technological proficiency, students engage in global networking opportunities while benefiting from affordability and convenience. In conclusion, online B.Sc. courses in Psychology degrees provide a convenient pathway to acquire quality education and advance in a rewarding career in psychology.


Q.1 Can we do BSc Psychology Online or Distance?

A.1 Various universities and organisations offer online or distance learning programs that allow you to complete a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. These courses usually offer accessibility and flexibility, so you may learn at your own speed and from a distance. Prominent academic institutions provide online Bachelor of Science in Psychology degrees that match the calibre of conventional on-campus courses, allowing you to gain psychological knowledge and expertise while managing other obligations.

Q.2 Does BSc psychology distance education have a scope?

A.2 Yes, there are a lot of opportunities for distance learning in BSc Psychology. Graduates of the Bachelor of Science program in Psychology are in a good position to benefit from the growing demand for qualified psychologists as awareness of mental health issues rises. Graduates of the BSc Psychology program have a wide range of professional options, including counselling, human resources, social work, research, and education. Furthermore, people can pursue an additional specialisation or even advanced degrees while receiving real-world experience in their chosen fields because of the flexibility of distance education. Distance learning for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology can lead to rewarding and significant employment with the correct training and credentials.

Q.3 After completing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, is there a possibility of finding a job?

A.3 Indeed, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology leads to various career options in various sectors. A BSc in psychology offers a strong basis for many career possibilities, while some entry-level jobs might need more training or certification. Graduates can work in various settings, including marketing agencies, social services, research institutes, mental health facilities, and human resources departments. Among the positions that could be available are social services assistant, case manager, community outreach coordinator, research assistant, human resources assistant, and mental health technician. Furthermore, obtaining pertinent experience via voluntary work or internships might improve one’s chances of landing a job and open doors to further career progression.

Q.4 Is a distance psychology degree valid?

A.4 Yes, a psychology degree earned via distant study is legitimate and respected as long as it comes from an approved university. Accredited online programs guarantee the quality and legitimacy of the degree by following the same curriculum and academic criteria as conventional on-campus programs. Numerous respectable colleges offer Psychology remote learning programs, giving students the freedom to continue higher education while juggling other obligations. To guarantee the legitimacy and acceptance of the degree by employers and other academic institutions, it is crucial to investigate and select approved universities.

Q.5 Which stream is best for psychology?

A.5 The stream you choose may be entirely different from the degree. Hence, you don’t need to follow any particular subject. However, studying psychology in your 10+2 can help you grasp concepts faster.

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