Truth About Online BSc in IT: 7 Common Myths Busted



15 June, 2024

Truth About Online BSc in IT: 7 Common Myths Busted

Undoubtedly, India is an IT hub where various software companies employ professionals with expert knowledge in this field in multiple positions. Information technology is a domain that opens up a lot of job positions for individuals with versatile skill sets such as software developers, data administrators, DevOps engineers, IT project managers, and many more.

However, doing an online BSc in IT is often not encouraged for a 12th-passed undergraduate due to many preconceived myths that our society holds about online education and its perceived limitations.

Is an online degree in BSc IT worth it? Is an online degree valid for a government job? Maybe… degrees are a joke.

We instinctively build an idea that employers do not usually respect a regular science degree in IT. That’s why most of us generally avoid pursuing an online BSc in IT. In this blog, let us uncover some common truths about online BSc programmes, specialising in IT.

Dive in to bust some of the common myths about Online BSc in IT. But before that, let us clarify some of the basics for you.

What Exactly is an Online BSc in IT?

An online BSc in IT is a 3-year undergraduate programme that studies various aspects of Information Technology such as software development, web design, networking, database management and more.

The programme aims to provide a strong foundation both in concepts and practical skills of Information Technology. On the other hand, it also offers the flexibility of distance learning, allowing learners to remotely complete their course at their own pace and bag a degree from a prestigious college.

Is a BSc in IT worth studying in 2024?

The demand for IT professionals is being consistently high across the globe. For thousands of Indian students, where the question of higher education still looms large, studying BSc in IT offers advanced learning opportunities and a promising career path.

Taking up a BSc in IT could be a wise decision for undergraduates in 2024 for the following reasons:

  • Demand for IT Professionals

  • High Paying Career Opportunities

  • Versatile Job Roles

  • Remote Work Opportunities

  • Global Recognition

  • Good Education Infrastructure

Do IT Companies Accept Online Degrees?

If you closely observe, you will find the curriculum for regular degrees and online degrees are the same. Experts in the domain take classes for Online BSc programmes and more than anything companies prefer expertise over your mode of education.

Due to the changing dynamics in the education industry, online degrees are becoming more prevalent due to flexibility in learning and cost-effective tuition options. With online programmes, earning a degree from prestigious universities is so much easier now! Students across the globe connect to popular courses, and experienced faculty and have free access to unlimited study resources.

As long as an online degree is from an accredited and recognised institute, companies generally accept it. According to a 2018 report by Northeastern University, 61% of HR see online degrees as being on par with or even better than regular degrees.

After all, completing an online degree shows your self-discipline, time- management and commitment to professional development.

Top Colleges Offering Online BSc in IT Programs in India

 Many reputed colleges in India offer degree programs of BSc in IT, along with equipped infrastructure facilities, industrial exposure and good placement opportunities. Some of the popular colleges with their annual fees are shared below:

Institute Name Recognition and Accreditation Fees
IIT Madras • Ranked 15th by NIRF
• Earned “Platinum Certification” by IGBC
• Graded A+ by NAAC
• Recognised by MHRD – UGC
INR 2,21,000 – INR 2,27,000
University of Mumbai, Centre for Distance and Online Education • Ranked by NIRF
• Accredited by NAAC, IQAC
Bharathidasan University • Accredited With an A+ Grade By NAAC
• Ranked by  IQAC and NIRF
• Recognised by UGC  • HRDC
• INR 85,000 (studied under Govt. of Tamil Nadu)
• INR 88,000 (studies under other state boards)
INR 10,000 to INR 13,000 (per semester)

Myths About Online BSc in IT in India

Many students who are genuinely interested in taking up their career in core science fields initially become skeptical of the idea of pursuing an online BSc in IT degree due to myths about the credibility and recognition of the degree.

Only upon learning the truth about these myths, do they feel relieved and more confident to go for an online BSc in IT programme. Often myths about such a programme discourage students from making the right career decision and result in many missed opportunities for good degree programmes.

Let’s uncover some of the popular myths about online BSc in IT programmes, and discuss the reality of the situation.

Myth 1# Employers do not respect an online BSc in IT


Many think companies do not acknowledge and value online degrees. That’s not TRUE!

Many employers recognise and value online degrees if that’s from a reputed and accredited university.

Myth 2# Online education is easier than traditional


Getting an online degree is often considered easier than a traditional degree. But in reality, the curriculum of the regular and the online degree are the same. Acquiring an online degree requires the same level of commitment, effort, and time as that of a regular one.

Myth 3# Online students for BSc in IT do not get real interaction with trainers and peers


The online programme in BSc in IT offers many ways to interact with lecturers and classmates. Students can connect to their professors and classmates through group discussion forums, video conferencing and group projects.

Myth  4# Online BSc in IT is more expensive than the regular BSc program


Online B.Sc in IT is known to be more cost-effective, cutting down the fees of campus hostel accommodation, travel, food etc. Moreover, many organisations offer financial aid to their online or long-distance students

Myth 5# Online BSc in IT programmes are not up to date with the latest technology and education trends


The curriculum of the online BSc in IT programme is designed to be at the forefront of the latest technology trends. The curriculum is regularly updated to sync with the latest advancements in the field.

Myth 6# Online BSc in IT degree doesn’t offer practical or hands-on experience


Students and parents often have the mindset that online degrees lack practical experience, but that’s not true. The curriculum for online IT programs incorporates lab programmes and simulations for online students. Many programmes (depending on the college) also offer hybrid models i.e., occasional in-person sessions.

Myth 7# Students enrolling for online BSc in IT programmes miss out on campus resources


Students do not really miss out on any resources just because they are online. Furthermore, online students are supported with unlimited multimedia resources and study materials such as online videos, PDFs, and tech support.

Wrapping It Up…

With more learning flexibility and diverse course options, many students nowadays are choosing online courses over traditional ones. Myths surrounding online BSc in IT are gradually dissolving as more students are sharing their satisfaction and success stories of achieving their career goals and landing prestigious job positions.

If you are also an aspirant to pursue an online BSc in IT course, don’t have second thoughts, research the university and enrol for a programme that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is accreditation important for the acceptance of distance and online degrees by employers?

Yes, accreditation is important for the acceptance of distance and online degrees by employers. Many organisations and corporations prioritise candidates with degrees from accredited institutes, irrespective of their mode of learning.

Q2. Do different industries have varying levels of acceptance for online degrees?

Yes, different industries perceive online degrees differently. Some industry sectors are more accepting of online degrees while others may still hold reservations about their credibility for specific job roles.

Q3. Does the nature of the job role and seniority affect the acceptance of online degrees?

Yes, online degrees are often readily accepted for entry-level and mid-level jobs while for higher-level roles organisations may still choose regular or traditional degrees. However, this trend is quickly fading away, as more and more organisations are becoming more accepting of online degrees even for high-position job roles.

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