Online B.Sc In Computer Science: Fee, Course, Admission, Colleges, Scope



11 June, 2024

Online B.Sc In Computer Science: Fee, Course, Admission, Colleges, Scope

Do you ever think about how movies manage to create magic? How does a film like Interstellar show what outer space looks like, enhancing our cinematic experience? If you recall the magnificent graphics of the cosmos and the colossal Black Hole from the climax, you would wonder what must have made that appear so pragmatic! Apart from the genius filmmakers, what curated this splendid cinematic experience was the Visual Effects and CGI, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management and the amalgamation of various other techniques that brought the film to life. Now, visualise yourself working on such an intriguing project, creating, editing and finishing that with a tinge of magic from your own innovation. Doesn’t it sound inviting?

Well, there are no surprises here. Computer and computational systems play a significant role in creating such projects. They are responsible for tremendously transforming imagination into graphics on the silver screen. This involves understanding design, development, and software and hardware applications. While CGI and artificial intelligence are just two minor components, several others, such as algorithms, software, programming language, etc., form the subject.

A B.Sc in Computer science is an undergraduate program focusing on studying computers and computational systems. This involves learning about computer science principles, theories, and applications. This degree opens multiple avenues, such as software engineering, mobile app development, IT security specialist, data analyst, etc. Apart from the quintessential career pathways, the degree can form the foundation for other specialisations, such as an M.Sc in computer science, Data Analytics, or Entrepreneurship, to name a few.

Let us now break it down for a detailed understanding  of B.Sc In Computer Science:

Online B.Sc In Computer Science Course Highlights

Parameters  Details 
Name  B.Sc CS – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Type  Undergraduate Degree
Duration Typically, 3 years/ 6 semesters
Eligibility criteria  Passed class 12th with at least 40%.
Subjects required (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)
Admission Process Common and College-specific entrance exams.
Average Salary INR 3 LPA to INR 22 LPA (may differ according to the job role)
Job Profiles Web Admin, Java Developer, System Analyst, Professor, Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Software Developer.
Placement Opportunities  Computer hardware engineer, System Manager, Network Architect

Why Should You Study An Online B.Sc CS Course?

  • Flexibility: A B.Sc. in Computer Science offers a versatile curriculum that opens several career avenues. It enables you to explore diverse opportunities in the tech industry. An online course makes this even more convenient, allowing you to study at your own pace and schedule. You can easily balance your work and personal life commitments without hassle.

  • Cost-Effective: The course can be slightly expensive if you prefer to pursue your degree from a renowned college or university. Tech courses in India usually range high. Therefore, studying through an online course can not only be efficient in saving time and additional hassle but also save your expenses, making it more affordable.

  • Ease and Accessibility: Computer Science as a subject can be slightly complex, for its components are pretty technical. You need time to understand and grasp the course content as a fresher. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you manage your time smartly. A course pursued online can help you save time, maximise your accessibility to get the required material, and make it easy to learn the concepts. The additional travel time can be utilised here.

  • Variety: Once you embark on this journey, you can also find other courses related to computer science that you can pursue in a short period to enhance your skills. This will allow you to study and explore beyond the curriculum.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Online/ Distance B.Sc CS?

Here is a list of eligibility criteria you may have to cross-check to be admitted to the distance/online B.Sc Computer Science course:

  1. Applications are open to students with a minimum score of 50 per cent in their most recent exam.

  2. Applicants must have completed their 12th standard computer science, mathematics, and English studies.

  3. Candidates are shortlisted based on merit, although some institutes may require an entrance exam.

  4. No prior experience is necessary for applicants, and there is no age limit affecting eligibility.

Documents For Online/Distance B.Sc Computer Science Admission 2024

The list of documents may vary and depend on the specific college. However, here is a list of general documents required at the time of admission:

  1. Passport Size Photograph

  2. Address Proof

  3. Graduation Certificate

  4. Income Certificate

  5. Transfer Certificate

  6. Graduation Mark sheet

What Are Online/Distance B.Sc CS Admission Processes?

Here is a step-by-step process for taking admission in the Distance/Online B.Sc Computer Science course:

  1. Check for eligibility: The candidates’ academic qualifications must be completed. This includes a 12th standard with major subjects like computer science, mathematics, and English and a minimum score of 50 per cent in the most recent examination.

  2. Applications: Once you pass the eligibility check, ensure the correct course you wish to select and carefully fill out the application form for your course. Do not forget to attach the required documents. You can usually find this form on the college website. Pay attention to the opening and closing dates to ensure timely submission. Sometimes, the college extends the submission deadline, so keep track of the details.

  3. Entrance Exams: Admission to the online/distance B.Sc Computer Science course is typically done on a merit basis. Therefore, keep track of the entrance exam dates for the college or university you are applying to. Standard entrance exams considered for the course are NPAT, CUET, CUCET, SET, JEE MAIN, etc. Once you learn about the exam syllabus, ensure that you practice mock papers to understand the paper pattern. Keep track of the schedule and any changes that take place.

  4. Final Rounds: The entrance exam scores will largely determine the admission. Additionally, colleges or universities may have different rounds of admission, such as interviews, and within them, they may have multiple rounds. Once you cross the cut-offs the college sets, they update you about the process. After clearing the rounds, you can proceed with the other formalities for accepting admission. Induction is also conducted to familiarise the students with the college or university, their curriculum, guidelines and opportunities.

Top Distance/Online B.Sc CS Colleges

All these colleges are graded by NAAC & approved by AICTE.

College Name  Course Fee 

(subject to change)

University of Kerala INR 19,600
Punjab Technical University INR 42,800
Bharathidasan University INR 19,600
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University (BRAOU) INR 77,000
Alagappa University INR 87,150
Dr CV Raman University INR 48,000

Here Are Distance/Online B.Sc CS Subjects

Semester  Subjects
Semester 1 Introduction to Digital Electronics
Basics of Computer Science
Environmental Science
Foundation Course of Mathematics
Semester 2 Discrete Mathematics
Computer Organisation
Fundamental of Open Source Software-LINUX
Front Office Management
Semester 3  Object-Oriented Programming using C++
Functional English-I
Technical Writing
Analytical Skill Development-I
Semester 4 Value and Ethics
Database Management Systems
System Analysis and Design
Analytical Skill Development-II
Semester 5 Operating Systems concepts
Python Programming
Introduction to Data Structures
Introduction to Software Engineering
Semester 6 Introduction to Computer Network
System Programming
Numerical Analysis
Introduction to Web Technology

The B.Sc CS Graduates’ Jobs & Salaries

The pay scale for job profiles in B.Sc. Computer Science varies based on educational qualifications and experience. The information provided offers a general overview of the salaries companies typically offer for these roles.

Jobs  Average Pay 
Data Scientist INR14.4 Lakhs
Web developer INR 4.4 Lakhs
Software Engineer INR 8.6 Lakhs
Database Administrator INR 12.0 Lakhs
UX designer INR 10.7 Lakhs
Cybersecurity analyst INR 11.0 Lakhs

Source: Ambition Box

Key Take Aways

Computer Science is a growing and promising field. It offers a plethora of opportunities in the academic and work fields. As complicated as it may seem, computer science is a far more intriguing career pathway, even for the coming years. It offers multiple industries to work in. This includes being a part of the quintessential tech giants and working for independent start-ups or the entertainment industry. The work also involves innovation-based tasks such as design, which is perfect for those aspiring to work in a creative environment.

With the flexibility of an online B.Sc. in computer science, you may study at your own speed and on your own time, which makes juggling job and personal obligations easier. Access to a flexible curriculum allows you to pursue various career options in cybersecurity, data analysis, software development, and more. The admissions procedure is simple: you must receive at least 50% on your 12th-grade standard tests in main disciplines like English, arithmetic, and computer science. While many institutions shortlist candidates based only on merit, some could require an admission exam. A broad spectrum of students can apply for this degree because there are no age or prior experience requirements. The curriculum uses cutting-edge online learning systems to guarantee that you get a top-notch education while still having the freedom to take care of your other obligations.


Q.1 Can I do a BSc in Computer Science online? 

A.1 Absolutely, you can pursue a B.Sc. degree online. Given the rapidly growing demand for IT, professional computer science training has become highly valuable. An online B.Sc. in Computer Science is an ideal program for students immediately after completing their 10+2 education.

Q.2 Are online BSc degrees worth it?

A.2 According to the Statista report, online programs are deemed to be equally valuable as on-campus degrees. This suggests that the quality of education and learning outcomes achieved through online programs is comparable to traditional on-campus degrees.

Q.3 Are online degrees valid in India?

A.3 Online degrees are recognised in India, provided they are acquired from accredited and esteemed institutions. The University Grants Commission (UGC) in India has laid down guidelines for the accreditation and regulation of online courses and degrees.

Q.4 Can I go abroad after studying for a B.Sc Computer Science online? 

A.4 Studying online for a BSc in Computer Science doesn’t hinder going abroad. Obtaining a computer science BSc online doesn’t stop you from taking advantage of chances elsewhere. Many colleges and employers accept online degrees from respectable institutions, particularly if they are accredited. Furthermore, online education gives you globally applicable information and abilities that set you apart from the competition when applying for jobs abroad.

Q.5 What language is used in BSc CS?

A.5 For workers with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, and SQL are frequently the most in-demand programming languages. These languages are widely utilised in many fields, including data research, web development, software development, and mobile app development.

Q.6 Can I do a B.Sc CS from Open University?

A.6 Yes, you can study in the online/distance mode from open universities or even the other universities that offer this mode. You can research these courses and look at the institutes that offer the course in the online / distance mode. Then, you can thoroughly review their eligibility criteria, application, and selection process to apply for the course. Once you clear the required formalities, you can finalise which college you would like to pursue your degree from.

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