NMIMS CDOE EMBA (Executive MBA) Programme Details 2024!



13 May, 2024

NMIMS CDOE EMBA (Executive MBA) Programme Details 2024!

Are you looking for an online Executive MBA course that allows you to work full-time? Well, here is an exciting programme from NMIMS Online for working professionals who want to add on to their skills while working full time. The Online EMBA also known as the Executive Master of Business Administration programme is here for you!

You will be able to pursue an executive programme in Masters of Business Administration from one of the top universities in India. And it has limited seats!

Let us tell you all about the new programme online EMBA, fees, eligibility, features and admission process.

About NMIMS Online EMBA

With an NIRF rank of 88 in 2023, NMIMS online has it all. It has been recognised by UGC for its skilled and practical courses. The university’s courses reflect the layered learning experience that it provides. NAAC accredits NMIMS with an A+.

NMIMS is regarded as one of the top academic excellence platforms, with multiple online sources to help you get the most out of the course.

This two-year programme allows working professionals to continue their career aspirations along with upgraded skills.

The two-year course has more than the surface of providing only theoretical practises. The EMBA provides specialisations and practical skills in fields such as Marketing, Leadership, Strategy, Operations, and Digital Marketing. Students engage in hands-on learning through a Capstone Project, gaining real-world experience and insights.

Here are the highlights of NMIMS Online EMBA:

  • Flexibility: Study at your own pace any time you want.

  • Affordability: Competitive tuition fees with EMI options and scholarships available.

  • Diverse Specialisations: Choose from various career-focused tracks to align with your professional goals.

  • Capstone Project: Apply your learning in a practical setting, with faculty mentorship and peer collaboration.

  • Campus Immersion: Experience face-to-face interaction and networking during a scheduled immersion programme.

  • Learning Resources: Access a rich collection of recorded lectures, digital materials, and interactive sessions.

  • Support Services: Benefit from academic and technical support.

About EMBA Programme

EMBA is known as Executive Masters of Business Administration. The programme is specially crafted for you considering if you are a working professional who dreams to enhance your skills in the business world then this is the perfect choice.

The executive MBA have different durations from 2-3 years. You can choose what fits your career aspiration. The EMBA includes courses which focus on a well-rounded curriculum, focusing on business essentials, leadership skills, and strategic thinking. It’s designed for people like you, who want to gain advanced knowledge while managing a busy schedule.

You’ll also get to build a strong professional network, interact with industry experts, and work on real-life case studies. This practical experience helps you apply what you learn in your current job, giving you a competitive edge.

After completing the EMBA, you’ll have access to a wide range of leadership roles available to you. The programme is an ultimate win-win, you can work, study and become the next leader at your work. You can become a Business Development Manager, Operations Manager, Senior Consultant, or even a Chief Executive Officer.

The programme would also increase your salary package due to experience, skills and project exposure. Depending on your role and experience, EMBA graduates can earn between 10 lakhs and 50 lakhs per annum or more. It’s a strategic investment that can help you reach the next level in your career and achieve your professional goals.

More About EMBA At NMIMS

Here is a quick look at the EMBA programme at NMIMS:

Course Details Features
Seats Available Limited seats
Course Fee INR 4,00,000/-, with EMI options and scholarships available.
Duration Two years.
Accreditation – Accredited by NAAC with a Grade A+
– Ranked 88 in NIRF 2023
– Recognised by UGC and AIU.
Specifications Marketing, Leadership, Strategy, Operations, Applied Finance, and Digital Marketing.
Online Features Recorded sessions, campus immersion, and a Capstone Project.

Student Ratings & Reviews

NMIMS Online has received positive feedback from students all over the globe based on their:

  • Faculty

  • Placements

  • Resources

  • Guidance

The institution’s well-known brand adds to its credibility, and the vibrant campus life with various clubs and events creates an engaging social atmosphere. The infrastructure, highlighted by its sleek glass buildings, contributes to a sense of prestige, while the 24/7 amenities and good-quality food services enhance the overall experience. NMIMS Online is one of the popular choices for its programme, facilities, resources and campus life.


The NMIMS Online EMBA provides over 7 specialisations in their Online EMBA programme:

  • Marketing

  • Leadership

  • Strategy

  • Operations

  • Applied Finance

  • Digital Marketing

  • Data Analytics


The Capstone Project in the NMIMS Online EMBA programme is an essential part of the programme. Through this, you can apply what you have learned through theoretical skills to real-world business scenarios. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect and the benefits it offers:

  • Term 6: You start by outlining your Capstone project, detailing the objectives, the business problem you’re addressing, and your approach to solving it. This stage is where you set the foundation for your project.

  • Term 7: You submit a video presentation demonstrating the progress you’ve made on your project. This allows you to showcase your practical skills and explain how you’re applying concepts from the coursework.

  • Term 8: In the final term, you complete your Capstone by submitting a reflective essay. This essay should cover your project objectives, the application of theoretical knowledge, instances where specific concepts were used, your personal and professional growth, and the challenges you faced and overcame.

Benefits of Projects at NMIMS Online EMBA

  • Skill Development: You enhance project management and problem-solving skills.
  • Real-World Application: You apply theory to real-world scenarios.
  • Professional Growth: You reflect on your personal and professional growth.
  • Networking Opportunities: You connect with industry experts and professionals.


The faculty at NMIMS Online is renowned and expert in their fields. The faculty provides active workshops and seminars to help you conduct your project smoothly. Along with their excellent academic background, the faculty conducts workshops and webinars on different applications of business skills required by the job market. Most of the faculty has experience in business and management. You would learn both theoretical and practical skills through practical tests, projects, and vivas conducted by the faculty.

Eligibility, Duration, Fee Structure and More

Here is a close look at the EMBA course at NMIMS Online:


  • You must have passed a bachelor’s degree (10+2+3) in any discipline from a recognised university or equivalent (as per AIU).

  • 3 years of working experience.

  • You would need at least 55%, with a reduced minimum of 50% for SC, ST, OBC, and PwD candidates.


  • The total fee is INR 4,00,000. You can also pay through a scholarship or apply for an EMI option.

Scholarship Policy:

Here are some of the scholarship policies to apply for a scholarship at NMIMS Online EMBA:

  • NMIMS offers a 20% fee reduction for armed forces and defence personnel, including their families.

  • The MBA (Working Executive) programme costs ₹4,00,000, with the concession providing significant savings.

  • The scholarship is open to active and retired defence personnel and their immediate families.

  • The scholarship policy has a discount that recognises the service of defence personnel and makes education more accessible.

  • You can apply for the discount when enrolling to receive the reduced fee.


  • 2 Years

Syllabus Of The Course

Here is the term-wise syllabus of EMBA:

Terms 1 & 2: Core Courses

Term Subjects Credits
Term 1 Financial Accounting, Organisational Behaviour, Marketing Management, Business Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Spreadsheet Modeling, and Financial Accounting (Harvard Business Review Online Courses). 16
Term 2 Information Systems, Business Communication, Corporate Finance, Operations Management, Mathematics for Management, and Management Communication (Harvard Business Review Online Courses). 12

Terms 3, 4 & 5: Specialisations and Electives

Term Subjects Credits
Term 3 Managerial Economics and Strategic Management, along with selected electives based on specialisation. 8
Terms 4 & 5 Focus on electives and specialization-specific courses in Marketing, Leadership & Strategy, Operations & Supply Chain, Applied Finance, or Digital Marketing.

Term 6: Capstone Project

Term Subjects Credits Project Credit
Term 6 Capstone Project 8 Project Part I 0

Terms 7 & 8: Project Completion

Term Project
Term 7 Project Part II
Term 8 Reflective Essay

Campus Immersion

At NMIMS Online EMBA you would get the experience of a lifetime. The University provides a provides Campus Immersion online EMBA course for you.

The programme would allow you to engage in person with classmates and faculty.

Here is a brief overview:

  • Campus Immersion occurs in Term 6, typically on the third weekend.

  • You participate in live workshops, work on collaborative projects, and interact with faculty and peers.

  • The event allows you to meet and network with fellow students and faculty, creating connections that could be useful throughout your career.

  • Campus Immersion bridges the gap between online and in-person learning, providing a more tangible and interactive educational experience.

Career Prospects

Here are all the job opportunities and salaries that you would get after completing NMIMS Online EMBA:

Job Title Salary 
Product Manager ₹ 8,56,384 per year
Chief Financial Officer ₹ 11,80,136 per year
SAP Consultant ₹ 8,92,661 per year
Business Consultant ₹ 4,79,558 per year
Operations Analyst ₹ 3,69,547 per year
Business Intelligence Analyst ₹ 7,85,911 per year
Finance Manager ₹ 7,40,306 per year
Investment Banker ₹ 4,91,064 per year
Project Manager ₹ 7,52,910 per year
Chief Technology Officer ₹ 8,36,246 per year

EMBA Facilities at NMIMS

There are endless facilities at NMIMS online EMBA. You can easily complete your EMBA while working or sitting at a cafe with a coffee. Sit back as we disclose all the limitless facilities at NMIMS for an online EMBA:

Facility Description
Learning Resources Recorded videos, digital study materials, live lectures
Student Portal Learning management system with student services
Industry Interaction Sessions with industry experts, case study discussions
Digital Library Extensive digital library for research and reference
Support Services Academic and technical support via call, chat, or ticket
Harvard Modules Foundation courses from Harvard Business Publishing
Campus Immersion Face-to-face learning and networking in term 6
Capstone Project Real-world business project in the final term

Admission Process

  • Application Submission: Complete the online application form and submit it along with the required documents, such as educational certificates, proof of work experience, and identification.

  • Application Fee: Pay the admission processing fee to proceed with your application.

  • Eligibility Check: The University will review your application to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria, including academic qualifications and work experience.

  • Interview or Selection: You may be required to attend an interview or another selection process, depending on the university’s admission policy.

  • Admission Confirmation: If you pass all the necessary requirements, you will receive an admission offer. Complete any additional formalities and pay the initial programme fee to confirm your place.

Logging Out

If you’re someone who wants to uplift their career and their salary package then the NMIMS Online EMBA is the deal for you. The course is coming soon with full potential for anyone who wants to take their professional journey to the next level. The course would have limited seats so you would need to keep an eye on the updates and fill up the application as soon as possible. NMIMS online EMBA also allows you to pay your fees through an EMI plan so you can study at your pace and work at your best. With over 7+ specialisations, the university proves it is made for excellence and growth. Take your seat in advance and do not let the online opportunity get away. Hurry up it is starting soon!

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