Is MIT Pune Online MBA/PGDM Worth It? A Comprehensive Review



12 June, 2024

Is MIT Pune Online MBA/PGDM Worth It? A Comprehensive Review

Welcome to MIT Pune’s Online and Distance MBA, where virtual education turns into real-world success! This programme isn’t just any– an innovative, versatile adventure that transforms careers. With a prestigious “A” grade.

The MIT Pune Online MBA enhances your expertise through its PGDM and EMBA programmes, using diverse learning methods to help you develop top-notch, ninja-level skills.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just about coursework; it’s about a vibrant, enriching experience that goes beyond the screen. Since 2008, MIT Pune has been revolutionising the way online MBAs learn, making the process both exciting and accessible. Dive in and see how MIT Pune’s Online MBA can turn professional dreams into reality!


If you’re looking to kickstart a new career in business management or elevate the one you already have, the MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) Online MBA programme is perfect for you. Designed for both busy professionals and recent graduates, this programme is your gateway to success.

MITSDE’s Online MBA enhances your career through skill development, practical learning, and cutting-edge training. With MITSDE’s excellent support system, you’ll have everything you need to thrive – from placement assistance to workshops, projects, internships, and expert resume guidance.

Say goodbye to dull lectures – at MITSDE, learning is dynamic and focuses on applying theory to real-world situations. Enjoy the flexibility of studying at your own pace with live and recorded lectures, allowing you to learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. Join a community of over 50,000 students and one lakh alumni who have benefited from MIT Pune’s online/distance MBA curriculum.

Key Features

Here’s what sets the MIT Pune Distance/Online MBA apart and makes it one of the top 10 most promising programmes:

  • Aligns with the latest industry demands.

  • Taught by highly experienced industry professionals.

  • Ensures career advancement with strong placement support.

  • Affordable tuition fees.

  • Modern learning with virtual assistance.

  • Flexible specialisations to choose from.

  • Active job support and insights into job market trends.

Student Support

The MIT Online MBA programme is crafted keeping you in mind. The main focus of the student support group is to make studies and placement easier for you. With an active placement cell, personalised career direction, easily adaptable learning practises, and top-notch faculty mentorship. With super cost-friendly and pocket-friendly tuition fees, latest top technology, and a variety of specialisation options for you, you can benefit from holistic career support and access to the latest industry insights, train to the latest industry, and make sure that you are the next top leader of the dream company.

  • Personalised in-person career advice about the current job market insights

  • Versatile learning options and experienced faculty support

  • Affordable fees and career counselling access

  • Innovative technology for flexibility

  • Diverse specialisation choices

  • Comprehensive career placement aid

  • Latest multiple subject and specialisation-wise job trends and interview strategies

Placement Cell

At MIT’s online MBA, you are going to get a closer look at the job market and receive support from various places at the university. The MIT Pune would regularly update you on the latest job market trends, keeping you updated on the upcoming research-based job opportunities and requirements in the job market. Moreover, they would provide the interview tips and tricks you could learn and never miss a chance when getting recruited. You can also benefit from their guidance on CV building, showcasing your personalised skills and experiences.

Highlights of Placement Cell:

  • Regular updates on job market trends

  • Valuable interview tips

  • Guidance on CV building

  • Career counselling and support

  • Workshops and webinars on career development

Additional placement help includes:

  • You would get the latest recruitment drives and job listings.

  • Thanks to the thousands of hiring partnerships, you would get the best of the job market.

  • Who doesn’t want the latest weekly updates as a student onCV updates and more

  • Each student can get job opportunities according to your polished skills.

  • Latest industry guidance and various sector training.

  • You would receive personalised feedback per student along with rewards.

Top Recruiters

MIT Pune distance/online MBA is actively collaborating and working with top recruiters for your placements, including:

Accenture HCL Technologies Maruti Suzuki
Aditya Birla Group HDFC Bank Philips
Amazon Hero MotoCorp PwC
Axis Bank IBM Reliance Industries
Bosch ICICI Bank Siemens
Capgemini Infosys Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
Cognizant Kotak Mahindra Bank Tech Mahindra
Deloitte KPMG Wipro
EY L&T Yes Bank
Flipkart Mahindra & Mahindra

Rankings & Accreditations

  • MIT Pune has received an “A” grade with a 3.7/4 score and is accredited by the NAAC.

  • Government Recognition: Approved by AICTE and UGC under the Ministry of HRD

  • Top 10 Ranking: Acknowledged among the most promising distance/online MBA programs


The MIT Pune Distance/Online MBA extends over two years, comprising a total of four semesters. Completion of all four semesters is mandatory for the program.

In brief:

  • Duration: 2 years

  • Semesters: 4

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have completed a bachelor’s degree.

  • It is compulsory to have (10+2+3)

  • No age limigibility.

  • Work experience is not mandatory.

Fee Structure

The MIT Pune Distance/Online MBA tuition fees Rs 67000 with Rs 3000 per Semester. It is also worth pointing out that Rs 1500 will be payable at the time of evaluation of your project. The fee for PGDM, which is also 2 years, is also same as MBA programme.

Course Curriculum

The MIT Pune distance/online MBA offers a flexible and comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance your business skills and knowledge. The programme covers essential management principles while allowing you to tailor your studies to your career goals. With a blend of theoretical and practical learning, the curriculum is regularly updated to keep pace with industry trends and technological advancements. You can access course materials at your convenience, making it easier to balance studies with professional and personal commitments. Through interactive sessions, case studies, and real-world projects, the programme ensures you gain relevant and up-to-date knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving business landscape.


The MIT Pune distance/online MBA provides 12 specialisations for you. You can pick based on:

Your interest

  • Your career aspiration

  • Your Budget

Project Management Information Technology Management
Operations Management Marketing Management
Finance Management Material Management
Human Resource Management Supply Chain Management
Financial Services Management Construction and Project Management
Digital Marketing Business Analytics

Validity of Degree

The MIT distance/online MBA is a valid degree as it is recognised by NAAC. The MIT online MBA is accredited and awarded with an “A” by NAAC. It has a score of 3.7/4 an excellent representation of the validity and accreditation of the degree. The university is approved by Accreditation AICTE and UGC under the Ministry of HRD. It has a top 10 ranking. Moreover, it is acknowledged as one of the most promising distance/online MBA programmes for distance/online MBA.

Career Prospects

Completing MIT Online MBA would open up a world of career opportunities for you. You could pursue roles in various industries, leveraging the skills and knowledge gained during the programme. The comprehensive curriculum and practical learning approach prepares you for the dynamic job market. With an MIT online MBA, you could find yourself in high-demand positions, ready to advance your career to new heights.

Career Opportunities

With an MIT online MBA, you would have access to a wide range of job opportunities. This programme equips you with the expertise needed for various roles, from management to specialised fields. You could explore career paths such as Marketing Manager, Financial Analyst, HR Manager, Operations Manager, IT Manager, and many more. The flexibility and industry relevance of the online MBA makes it a valuable asset for your professional journey.

Average Salary With Top Recruiters

After completing an MIT online MBA you can get selected from one of the top recruiters around the globe. The average package after completing an online MBA will be increased 2 times.

You can earn from an average of 6LPA to 25LPA. All while sitting at home and working full-time.

Company Average Base Salary (INR)
First Student ₹1,19,400
GSK ₹82,667
Infosys ₹52,000
Accenture ₹42,000
Wipro ₹27,500
Google ₹48,500
Cisco ₹49,500
Shell ₹75,000
MBA IT ₹20,000
Tata Consultancy Services ₹15,000
Amazon ₹60,500
PwC ₹8,00,000
KPMG ₹19,000
Microsoft ₹95,500
TCS ₹7,00,000
First Student (Hourly) ₹61
Reliance Industries ₹4,00,000
HSBC ₹5,00,000
American Express ₹61,500

What Makes MIT Pune Distance/Online MBA Different

  • Flexible specialisms

  • Innovative learning tech

  • Personalised career guidance

  • Updated industry syllabus

  • Placement aid

  • Student support

  • Affordable fees

  • Gen Next Learning

  • Dedicated career assistance

  • Exclusive job market insights

  • Proactive interview coaching

  • Tailored CV advice

  • Comprehensive career workshops

  • Extensive industry partnerships

  • Collaborative recruitment drives

  • Accessible internal job platform

  • Regular weekly job updates

MIT Pune Distance/Online MBA Course Offerings

Here is the list of the courses offered by MIT online and where it can get you in future:

  1. Project Management: You will learn to set and achieve goals effectively, which is crucial for overseeing projects in various industries.

  2. Operations Management: You would acquire skills to execute business operations efficiently, essential for maximising profitability.

  3. Finance Management: You would gain expertise in maintaining financial health, which is vital for the success of any organisation.

  4. HR Management: You would manage valuable organisational resources, pivotal in enhancing productivity.

  5. IT Management: You would explore lucrative opportunities in the field of information technology, which is essential for modern businesses.

  6. Marketing Management: You would drive revenue through effective marketing strategies, ensuring the right message reaches the right audience.

  7. Material Management: You would oversee resource management, offering promising career prospects given the growing demand for efficient resource allocation.

  8. Supply Chain Management: You would optimise supply chains, leveraging new technologies to streamline business processes.

  9. Financial Services Management: You would delve into finance-related streams, with vast opportunities in banking, insurance, and other sectors.

  10. Infrastructure Management: You would contribute to infrastructure development, playing a key role in economic growth and expansion.

  11. Digital Marketing: You would capitalise on the booming online industry, equipped with skills to thrive in the digital marketing landscape.

  12. Business Analytics: You would analyse data to drive business decisions, which is essential in the era of online commerce and digital services.

Student Success Strategy At MIT Pune

The academic team at MIT online MBA Pune is a highly dedicated student support team that addresses course content-related queries of distance/online MBA and takes your feedback seriously.

Here are some of the important academic strategies MIT Pune Distance/Online applies actively:

  • Implementing a flipped classroom model for PGCM courses

  • Hosting interactive live sessions via Zoom during evenings and weekends

  • Utilising case-based pedagogy

  • Conducting master classes with industry trainers who possess extensive domestic and international experience

  • Organising exclusive ‘Conclaves’ for PGDM-Ex, focusing on practical industry challenges

  • Facilitating peer learning and networking through domain-specific discussion forums

  • Providing mobile learning opportunities through the Canvas app, available on iOS and Playstore

  • Employing a straightforward yet effective assessment method, including MCQ-based proctored exams and hands-on workshops for practical subjects.

Admission Process

The application process for the MIT Online MBA Programme is straightforward and user-friendly. Once you visit the official website, you will have access to the online portal. Through this platform, you can select your preferred specialisation for the distance/online MBA programme, pay the programme fee payment, and upload the required documents. Just to ensure you have a scanned copy of your ID, your 10+2 results, and bachelor’s degree from a recognised university. Remember, eligibility for the MIT Pune Distance/Online MBA requires a 10+2+3 qualification: 10 years of schooling, 2 years of higher secondary education, and a 3-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. This process is designed to be simple and tailored to your needs as a prospective student.

Step-by-Step Admission Process

Here is a shorter and quicker recap of 10 easy steps of the admission  process at MIT online MBA:

  1. Visit MIT Pune’s official website.

  2. Access the online portal.

  3. Choose your MBA specialisation.

  4. Pay the programme fee.

  5. Gather necessary documents: ID, 10+2 results, bachelor’s degree.

  6. Scan and upload your documents.

  7. Submit your application.

  8. Await updates from programme officials.

  9. Ensure eligibility with a 10+2+3 qualification.

  10. Enjoy the simple and tailored process!

List Of Documents

To finalise your application for the MIT Online MBA programme, ensure you have the following documents scanned and uploaded:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates (10th, 12th, and 3-year recognised graduate degree)

  • Proof of identity (e.g., passport, driving licence, or Aadhar card)

  • Passport-sized photographs

  • Work experience certificates (if applicable)

  • Proof of payment for the application fee

For international applicants, you will also need a Certificate of Equivalence from the Association of Indian Universities. Please ensure these documents are readily accessible on the device you are using to submit your application.

Mode Of Delivery

The MIT Online MBA programme employs a sophisticated online platform for its delivery. It integrates live and recorded video lectures, interactive sessions, simulations, and case analyses to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Through the Learning Management System (LMS), students can conveniently access the curriculum and submit assignments online. Additionally, the programme offers professional development opportunities, including interactive sessions led by industry experts, to enhance industry exposure for students.

In Short:

  • Delivered via an advanced online platform

  • Incorporates live and recorded video lectures

  • Features interactive sessions, simulations, and case analyses

  • Utilises the Learning Management System (LMS) for curriculum access and assignment submission

  • Provides professional development opportunities led by industry experts.


The MIT online MBA is an advanced platform where you make dreams come true. The MIT Pune distance/online MBA has other courses as well, where they provide PGDM courses for across 15+ specialisations. This is your chance to boost your career if you want to resume your education and if you are a working professional. The MIT online MBA can provide you with flexibility like no other programme, along with a balanced personal life. Through the online MBA, you could get a doubled salary package early, leadership job roles and calls from top recruiters around the globe. You can do it all through your laptop at home. All the opportunities are available at your door in one click! Make it count.


Q1. Does MIT offer an online MBA?

MIT Pune offers an Online MBA programme providing flexibility for distant learners.

Q2. Does MIT offer a distance MBA?

Yes, MIT Pune provides a Distance MBA programme tailored for remote learners.

Q3. How much does MIT’s online MBA cost?

The cost of MIT Pune’s Online MBA programme varies; prospective students should refer to the official website for updated information.

Q4. What is MIT’s online MBA acceptance rate?

MIT Pune does not publicly disclose its Online MBA acceptance rate.

Q5. What are the job prospects after completing the Online MBA program at MIT Pune?

Completing MIT Pune’s Online MBA programme enhance career prospects and opportunities across various industries.

Q6. Is the MIT Pune Distance MBA a recognised degree?

Yes, the MIT Pune Distance MBA is a recognised degree it is recognised by NAAC, AICTE and UGC.

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