Why Pursue an MBA after MBBS? Scope and High Paying Jobs



31 January, 2024

Why Pursue an MBA after MBBS? Scope and High Paying Jobs

Did you ever feel like upgrading your career? If yes, then an MBA after an MBBS degree ain’t just a career detour, it is a full-blown metamorphosis. Imagine your clinical skills shaping the entire healthcare space. Empower your voice through an MBA. Discover your leadership role, slay spreadsheets like dragons, and build a healthcare legacy that makes jaws drop. Hospital CEO? Tech startup maestro? The options are endless, like a buffet for your ambition. Plus, online programmes mean that you can compete and complete your MBA degree while still rocking those scrubs. So, ditch the career guess, grab your businessman cape, and paint your career canvas. The boardroom is ready for your brilliance, doc. Time to lead the revolution!

MBA After MBBS: From Whitecoat to Boardroom, Transition for Leadership

You have become a doctor with top skills in the field, now what? Do you find yourself questioning if there’s more than this? If you have an urge to influence healthcare systems, drive change beyond the bedside, and leverage your medical expertise to create a broader ripple effect?

If so, the world of MBA after MBBS awaits you, offering a white canvas to paint your journey. It is an opportunity to bridge the gap between science and strategy, between healing and leading, and between caring for individuals and shaping entire healthcare landscapes. Think of it as a stethoscope for the health ecosystem, a scalpel for strategic precision, and a white coat worn with the power of business acumen.

Why go for an MBA after an MBBS

There are many reasons to pursue an MBA after MBBS, but what stands prominent is your desire for the transition. If you are ready for the role of a leader then there are many more reasons to pursue an MBA after an MBBS!

  • Boost Your Career and Voice Your Opinion

Beyond the individual stethoscope’s reach, imagine your voice shaping entire healthcare landscapes. An MBA empowers you to have a platform to shape your clinical skills into impactful decisions. It helps you transition to the administrative side of healthcare wherein you can make a difference by introducing visionary policies.

  • Life Time Career Opportunity

An MBA after MBBS is not just a mediocre degree. It is a lifetime career advancement opportunity. It has greater scope than ever these days. This includes many industries, including Healthcare, Business and IT.

  • Networking Opportunities Beyond the Clinic

Beyond clinical practice lies a world of many opportunities in Healthcare Consulting, Pharmaceutical Management, and more. An MBA unlocks these doors, allowing you to network and grow your career.

  • Best of Both Worlds: Enhanced Skills

An MBA after MBBS would help you enhance your skills beyond the clinical skills. It is the best of both worlds. This is your chance to develop your skills beyond clinical mastery. After an MBA, you can use the skill sets from the healthcare and business management world as well.

  • Build Your Healthcare Legacy

Dream of building your medical empire? An MBA after MBBS will empower you to do just that. Turn your vision into reality by establishing your clinic, healthcare startup, or medical technology company, becoming a true innovator in the healthcare landscape.

Top MBA Specialisations for MBBS

Whichever path you want to choose, we got you covered. Here is the list of top MBA specialisations after  MBBS :

Specialisation Description & Career Paths
Healthcare Management Description: Overseeing hospital operations, resource allocation, and strategic planning.

Career Paths: Hospital Administrator, Medical Practice Manager, Healthcare Consultant

Hospital Administration Description: Leading all aspects of hospital operations, ensuring efficient patient care and financial sustainability.

Career Paths: Hospital CEO, COO, Medical Superintendent

Pharmaceutical Management Description: Managing drug development, marketing, and sales within pharmaceutical companies.

Career Paths: Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager

Public Health Description: Focusing on community health initiatives, disease prevention, and healthcare policy.

Career Paths: Public Health Consultant, Epidemiologist, Policy Analyst

Medical Informatics Description: Integrating technology into healthcare, managing electronic health records, and data analytics.

Career Paths: Chief Information Officer, Healthcare IT Consultant, Data Analyst

These options are not limited here. There is more, you can apply in trending and most wanted organisations. With an MBA after MBBS, you are eligible to apply to multiple industries at one go. You go, explorer!

Eligibility Criteria for MBA

  • Qualifications:

    You must have graduated with a minimum of 50% from an accredited university in any area. The minimal score required varies from university to university.

  • Entrance Test:

    You must pass an entrance exam at the national or state level, such as the CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, NMAT, IPMAT, etc., to apply for admission. Additionally, several colleges administer their own entrance exams. In that scenario, you would need to pass the university entrance exam or one of the aforementioned exams.

  • Work History:

    While most colleges don’t require job experience for admission to their MBA programmes, others might prefer that applicants have some experience in a related subject.

  • Micro Presentation + Interview:

    The last stage of the selection procedure is the personal interview. Additionally, you could be required by some colleges to participate in a group discussion or make a brief presentation.

Top College for MBA after MBBS

Choosing an MBA college after MBBS is much like selecting a brush – it shapes the masterpiece of your career. Your B-School becomes your artistic home, its brand forever woven into the tapestry of your professional journey. So, pick wisely, for the colours you choose can paint a path of limitless opportunities.

Here is the list of Top Colleges for MBA after MBBS:

Name of the University Fee
IIHMR University INR 11,50,000
DIPSAR, Delhi INR 2,10,000
Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth INR 3,00,000
NIPER University, Ahmedabad INR 5,00,000
Shoolini University INR 8,84,000

Online MBA after MBBS – For Working Professionals

Embrace flexibility, fuel your ambition, and redefine your impact with these stellar online MBA programmes crafted for dedicated healthcare professionals like you. Here is the list of top online colleges with their annual fee in INR:

Online/Distance MBA Programme Average Fee
Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth INR 1,40,200
Jain University INR 1,50,000 – INR 2,61,000
Online Manipal University INR 1,75,000
Chandigarh University INR 1,50,000
Symbiosis Online INR 3,00,000

MBA after MBBS Career Scope

MBA after MBBS is for working professionals who want to transition from white coat to boardroom leadership. There are multiple career choices and an amazing salary after completing an MBA. Here is the list of industry, job roles, and average salary after an MBA:

Field/Specialization Job Role Average Salary (INR)
Healthcare Management Hospital Administrator 12 – 18 LPA
Medical Practice Manager 10 – 15 LPA
Healthcare Consultant 12 – 20 LPA
Hospital Administration Hospital CEO 25 – 50+ LPA
COO 20 – 45 LPA
Medical Superintendent 18 – 30 LPA
Pharmaceutical Management Product Manager 12 – 18 LPA
Marketing Manager 10 – 16 LPA
Sales Manager 10 – 15 LPA
Public Health Public Health Consultant 12 – 18 LPA
Epidemiologist 10 – 15 LPA
Policy Analyst 8 – 12 LPA
Medical Informatics Chief Information Officer 25 – 40 LPA
Healthcare IT Consultant 15 – 25 LPA
Data Analyst 8 – 14 LPA


Forget a mere career change – an MBA after MBBS ignites a transformation. Here, you merge your medical expertise with the threads of business wisdom, crafting a tapestry of impact that ripples far beyond clinic walls. Embrace this vibrant evolution – step into the world of healthcare management, where your white coat dances with a broader vision, and your stethoscope echoes with the pulse of an industry yearning for your unique blend of brilliance.

Remember, the future of healthcare is not just about healing, it is about leading. And you, with your remarkable fusion of medical knowledge and business acumen, hold the key to unlocking its boundless potential. Ready to rewrite your story on this vast canvas? The brush awaits.

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