LPU Online MBA 2024: Course, Fee, Eligibility, Admission, Placements



29 May, 2024

LPU Online MBA 2024: Course, Fee, Eligibility, Admission, Placements

Welcome to LPU Online MBA. The full form of LPU is Lovely Professional University. The university has versatile coursework and endless resources for you to continue your education dream while doing a job or managing your personal lifestyle. With an NIRF ranking of 46, the university stands tall and promising for a brighter career ahead.

If you are looking to change your industry, continue your education, or apply for a senior job role then LPU online MBA is the real deal. Come along with us as we guide you through everything about LPU online MBA programme 2024, including the LPU Online MBA fees, Admission, Placement and more.

About LPU Online

LPU Online offers a top-notch Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, tailored for both working professionals and recent graduates. The LPU online MBA is job industry focused, with a curriculum that would enhance soft and hard skills. The LPU online is popular for providing various kinds of guidance and resources to the students including placement, workshops, projects, internships and resume building. It combines theory with practical skills, making it easy to apply and learn. With flexible learning options like live and recorded lectures, it provides a convenient and accessible education.

Here are some key features of the LPU Online MBA you should not miss:

Key Features of the LPU Online

Here are some of the key features of LPU Online MBA which make it unique and top of its game:

  • Flexible Learning Options: The LPU Online MBA offers both live and recorded lectures, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

  • Industry-Focused Curriculum: The LPU distance MBA is designed with input from industry experts, ensuring you gain real, relevant and practical knowledge.

  • Expert Faculty: Learn from highly qualified professors who bring real-world experience into the virtual classroom.

  • Comprehensive Placement Support: Benefit from extensive placement assistance, including professional enhancement programmes and mock interviews.

  • Affordable Fees with EMI Options: The LPU Online MBA is not only high-quality but also cost-effective, with fees starting at Rs. 31,025 per semester and easy EMI options available.

Rankings & Accreditations

  • Ranked 25th: THE World

  • 3rd in India: WURI Rankings

  • Highest NAAC Grade: A++, 3.68 Score

  • UGC Recognised: Government Accreditation

Duration of LPU Online MBA

The total duration of LPU Online MBA is 2 years. You would be covering a total of 4 semesters. It is mandatory to cover 4 semesters.

In short:

  • 2 years

  • 4 Semester

Specialisations to Choose for Online MBA

The LPU Online MBA provides over 9 specialisations in online MBA, which would make your skills improved and enhanced according to the job market requirements.

Take a look at the 9 specialisations by LPU Online MBA:

Data Science Marketing
Information Technology Finance
Human Resource Management Operations Management
International Business Entrepreneurship
Healthcare Management

You can pick any one of the specialisation based on your experience, skills, job role you want in future and your career aspiration.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have completed a bachelor’s degree.

  • A minimum aggregate score of 50% in a bachelor’s or any other equivalent degree.

  • If your score falls below 50%, you may need to pass an admission test.

  • You can also apply if you are in your final year of undergraduate studies.

  • No particular age restriction for the LPU MBA

  • Work experience is not mandatory but it would get you more preference.

LPU Online MBA Fee Structure

LPU Online MBA is one of the most affordable online degrees available. Take a look at the distribution of the fees per semester:

Per Semester Fees

Your tuition fee for each semester starts at Rs. 31,025, making it affordable and accessible for you.

Fee Breakdown + Discounts (National Students)

Here is an easy fee breakdown and discount you can check out at Lovely Professional University:

1. Standard Fee per Semester

  • Programme Fee: ₹43,000

  • Examination Fee: ₹2,000

  • Total Standard Fee per Semester: ₹45,000

Total Programme Fee for 4 Semesters: ₹1,80,000

2. Discounted Fee with Up to 30%  Student Grant (Valid until 30th May ’24)

  • Discounted Programme Fee per Semester: ₹32,250

  • Examination Fee per Semester: ₹2,000

  • Total Discounted Fee per Semester: ₹34,250

Total Discounted Programme Fee for 4 Semesters: ₹1,37,000

3. Lump Sum Payment Option

If you choose to pay the entire fee upfront, you can avail additional savings:

Total Fee (Lump Sum Payment): ₹1,62,800

  • Equivalent Fee per Semester: ₹40,700

Total Fee with Discount (Lump Sum Payment): ₹1,24,100

  • Equivalent Fee per Semester: ₹31,025

4. Additional Costs

Initial Registration Fee: ₹600 (non-refundable)

Payment Options

EMI Facility: Available for convenient monthly payments

Who can Apply? 

The fee structure applies to both Indian and international students, including those from Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Fee Breakdown + Discounts (International Students)

1. Standard Fee per Semester

  • Programme Fee: US$ 1,550

  • Examination Fee: US$ 100

  • Total Standard Fee per Semester: US$ 1,650

Total Programme Fee for 4 Semesters: US$ 6,600

2. Discounted Fee with Up to 30% Student Grant (Valid until 30th May ’24)

  • Discounted Programme Fee per Semester: US$ 1,163

  • Examination Fee per Semester: US$ 100

  • Total Discounted Fee per Semester: US$ 1,263

Total Discounted Programme Fee for 4 Semesters: US$ 5,052

3. Lump Sum Payment Option

If you choose to pay the entire fee upfront, you can avail additional savings:

Total Fee (Lump Sum Payment): US$ 5,980

  • Equivalent Fee per Semester: US$ 1,495

Total Fee with Discount (Lump Sum Payment): US$ 4,588

  • Equivalent Fee per Semester: US$ 1,147

4. Additional Costs

Initial Registration Fee: US$ 10 (non-refundable)

Payment Options

EMI Facility: Available for convenient monthly payments

Payment Modes

When you’re admitted, you’ll need to pay your fees through the online portal. Here’s how:

  • Use a Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Wallet, Net Banking, or similar methods.

  • Make sure to only use the official admission portal.

  • Be cautious to avoid paying through unauthorized websites or links.

  • The University isn’t responsible for any issues if payments are made incorrectly.

Course Curriculum

LPU Online MBA has one of the latest course curricula making sure that you get the best of the job market skills including theoretical and practical skill development.

Semester 1 Semester 2
EMKT503: Marketing Management EFIN542: Corporate Finance
EACC506: Financial Reporting, Statements and Analysis EOPR639: Operations Management & Research
EECO515: Managerial Economics EPEL537: Communication for Leaders
EMGN581: Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Dynamics EMGN801: Business Analytics
EMGN578: International Business Environment EMGN832: Research Methodology
EBSL605: Legal Aspects of Business


Semester 3 Semester 4
GE-I: Generic Elective I DSE-VI: Discipline Specific Elective VI
DSE-I: Discipline Specific Elective I DSE-V: Discipline Specific Elective V
DSE-III: Discipline Specific Elective III DSE-IV: Discipline Specific Elective IV
EMGN576: Seminar on Summer Training GE-II: Generic Elective II
EMGN571: Corporate Strategy & Entrepreneurship EMGN696: Capstone Project
DSE-II: Discipline Specific Elective II

LPU Online MBA Academic Support

  • Assignments and Projects: You would benefit from hassle-free online submission of assignments and projects.

  • Professional Enhancement Programme: You would get to participate in special classes under the Placement Enhancement Program (PEP).

  • Mock Interviews: You would get mock interviews that would help you get an idea of the current job market requirements.

  • Online Workshops: The LPU Online MBA has active workshops for students, which would help you to explore more skills, and collaborate with industry leaders.

Placement Opportunities

At LPU Online, the university provides strong support for your career journey post-MBA. You would benefit from experienced mentors who help with resumes and job exploration. The knowledgeable faculty and alumni network aid in job placements. Workshops enhance interview and soft skills. Stay updated on industry trends with expert-led sessions. With LPU Online, you’re confident in navigating the job market.

Student Support Services

At LPU Online, student support is prioritised throughout your MBA journey. You would benefit from personalised mentorship, virtual placement drives connecting you with top recruiters, and masterclasses on CV building and interview preparation. The university offers a variety of learning resources, including access to an extensive library.

Additionally, you would receive guidance from industry experts through mock interviews and online workshops, ensuring you’re well-prepared for future endeavours. Placement support services include the Professional Enhancement Programme (PEP), where special classes are organised to train students in aptitude, reasoning, soft skills, and interviewing skills. Mock interviews provide an opportunity to practice interview techniques and gain valuable feedback, while online workshops offer insights from industry leaders to develop the skills needed for success in future endeavours.

  • Personalised mentorship and guidance

  • Virtual placement drives with top recruiters

  • CV building and interview preparation masterclasses

  • Access to an extensive library and learning resources

  • Placement support services including the Professional Enhancement Programme (PEP), mock interviews, and online workshops

lpu online mba

Validity of Degree

The LPU Online MBA degree holds national and international recognition, ensuring its validity. Accredited with the highest NAAC Grade of A++ and a commendable score of 3.68, it carries credibility. Recognised by prestigious rankings like THE Impact and THE World, along with being 3rd in India by WURI, it further establishes its legitimacy.

Career Opportunities

After completing the LPU Online MBA you would be able to work in various industries and acquire the job role of your dreams. After completing an online MBA in LPU you would be able to work as a human resources management, business manager, project manager, marketing manager, and more. The career options are going to be wide open after completing the LPU Online MBA.

Job Roles

Once you finish the LPU Online MBA, you will find abundant career opportunities across different industries. With 9 specialisations available, you can choose a career path that suits you best. Whether it is as a business manager or a finance and project manager, the options will be vast. Regardless of your interest, be it finance, marketing, operations, or entrepreneurship, the MBA programme will provide the necessary skills for success.

Average Salary with Top Recruiters

The LPU Online MBA would open the gates for limitless opportunities. The university has a history of placement with some of the top recruiting companies around the globe.

Company Average Base Salary (INR)
First Student ₹1,19,400/month
GSK ₹82,667/month
Infosys ₹29,000 – ₹74,000/month
Accenture ₹16,000 – ₹67,000/month
Wipro ₹24,000 – ₹31,000/month
Google ₹45,000 – ₹52,000/month
Cisco ₹43,000 – ₹56,000/month
Shell ₹72,000 – ₹78,000/month
MBA IT ₹19,000 – ₹21,000/month
Tata Consultancy Services ₹14,000 – ₹16,000/month
Infosys ₹39,000 – ₹46,000/month
Amazon ₹56,000 – ₹65,000/month
PwC ₹7,00,000 – ₹9,00,000/year
KPMG ₹18,000 – ₹20,000/month
Microsoft ₹93,000 – ₹1,00,000/month
TCS ₹6,00,000 – ₹8,00,000/year
Reliance Industries ₹4,00,000/year
HSBC ₹5,00,000/year
American Express ₹57,000 – ₹66,000/month

lpu online mba placement

Admission Process

The LPU Online MBA 2024 admissions procedure is simple and swift. You may visit the official website, the process can be easily completed through the online portal where you choose your online MBA programme specialisation, pay the programme cost, and then submit your supporting documentation. The officials will notify you when there is an update on your enrollment. A scanned copy of your ID proof, your 10+2 results, and a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university are required.

Step-by-Step Admission Process

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you apply for LPU’s online MBA programme in 2024.

  1. Choose Your Programme: First, decide which MBA programme best suits your professional objectives.

  2. Finish Your Application: Enter the correct personal and educational information in the application form.

  3. Pay Your Course Costs: Use the various EMI options to safely and conveniently pay your course costs online.

  4. Submit and Register: Register for the programme and submit your filled-out application.

  5. Await Enrollment Details: You will get your enrollment details and additional instructions as soon as your registration is validated.

List of Documents

To complete your application for the LPU Online MBA, ensure you have the following documents scanned and uploaded:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates

  • Proof of identity (such as passport, driving licence, or Aadhar card)

  • Passport-sized photographs

  • Work experience certificates (if applicable)

  • Proof of payment for the application fee

For international students, you will also need a Certificate of Equivalence from the Association of Indian Universities. Make sure these documents are readily available on the device you are using to apply.

Mode of Delivery

The LPU Online MBA programme is predominantly delivered through an advanced online platform. It combines live and recorded video lectures, interactive sessions, simulations, and case analyses, offering a comprehensive learning experience. Utilising the Learning Management System (LMS), students can access the curriculum and submit assignments conveniently online. Furthermore, the programme provides professional enhancement initiatives, including interactive sessions led by industry experts, fostering valuable industry exposure for students.

In Short:

  • Delivered through an advanced online platform

  • Combines live and recorded video lectures

  • Incorporates interactive sessions, simulations, and case analyses

  • Utilises the Learning Management System (LMS) for curriculum access and assignment submission

  • Provides professional enhancement initiatives, including interactive sessions led by industry experts

Logging Out

The Lovely Professional University has limitless choices and resources for students all over the country. With an option to pay fees EMI, the university also provides learning management system which would help you stay in touch with the latest online lectures. And this is not it. The LPU Online MBA has future vision for students where you can apply for projects and internships. The placement guidance and placement support are available. With a global recognition, the LPU online MBA is writing successful history all over and a promising career for you. What are you waiting for? You can easily enroll through online portal. Give your dreams a chance today! With one Click!


Q1. Is LPU good for online MBA?

Ans: Yes, LPU Online MBA is one of the most popular courses in the country due to its easy accessibility, flexibility, and fee options for all. As a student you would also get student support, placement and programme guidance.

Q2. Is LPU Online degree valid?

Ans: Yes, LPU Online degree is valid. It has been recognised by UGC, NIRF and other recognised authorities.

Q3. Which is better for online MBA, Amity or LPU?

Ans: Both the universities are recognised and ranked under top 50 by NIRF. The selection depends on your budget, coursework, and placement.

Q4. Is LPU distance MBA worth it?

Ans: Yes, LPU has been recognised by UGC, it is ranked 46 by NIRF. The university has provided numerous placements and guidance to students.

Q5. Does LPU provide online MBA?

Ans: Yes, LPU provides Online MBA, where you can pay the fees through EMI plan. You can study based on your schedule with recorded lectures and online learning resources.

Q6. Does LPU online provide placement?

Ans: Yes, the LPU Online provides the placement and placement services including the

Professional Enhancement Programme (PEP), mock interviews, and online workshops

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