Jaipur National University Online/Distance MBA: Complete Details 2024



20 January, 2024

Jaipur National University Online/Distance MBA: Complete Details 2024

The question that is prevalent today is not whether you would or would not like to pursue an MBA, rather it is where you wish to pursue it from. MBA, as a postgraduate degree, is a highly valued one since the career prospects are high and rewarding. Management degrees are the pro choice for learners and professionals since it can be pursued through online/distance modes, giving them more flexibility and ease of learning.

The internet has powered education in more ways than possible. Most of all, it has provided more accessibility and different ways of learning for the students. Online learning and distance learning are the by-products of the fusion of the Internet, which has benefited students and professionals in multiple ways. It has empowered many learners to continue with their learning while also working side-by-side.

The Indian education system recognises this need for learning for students and professionals across all fields.  Multiple Indian universities, therefore, offer online/distance MBA programmes to help them with multiple career opportunities.

One such university is the Jaipur National University which offers a distance MBA programme in 15 different MBA specialisations.

Jaipur National University Online/Distance MBA

Jaipur National University started functioning a few months after the government of Rajasthan announced its opening on October 22, 2007, and was sponsored by Mahima Shiksha Samiti. Jaipur National University is one of the top universities that offers a distance MBA programme along with other graduate and postgraduate programmes. It offers a distance MBA with so many versatile specialisations, making it one of the top choices for professionals and students.

It has gained a status for itself in the field of education for its delivery of quality education, efficient student support services, firm examination schedules, etc.

Jaipur National University offers 15 different management specialisations for MBA students. It has also been ranked among the top 30 universities in the country in a wide survey held by India Today magazine.

Course Name Distance MBA
Course Type Masters’ Programme
Duration For management program: Min. 2 years, Max. 4 years
For lateral entry students: Min. 1 year, Max. 2 years
Mode of Learning Distance
Approved by UGC-DEB, AICTE. AIU
Fee Structure INR 12,500 Per Semester
Eligibility Criteria Graduate in any field from a recognised university
Average Salary Offered INR 10 LPA
Admission Drive March & September
Exam Drive December & June
Credits 120/56 (LE)
Payment Facility Demand Draft
Examination Method Offline

Why Jaipur National University: The Best of the Best

  • Professional Education Offered

Jaipur National University realises the need for professional education through distance learning mode so that the students can confidently step into the corporate world. It offers an updated curriculum, a varied choice of courses and holistic learning opportunities for the students. Jaipur National University has been recognised for its high-quality education and expert teaching faculty.

  • Different Specialisations for Everyone

They offer 15 specialisations across various streams of management in which the university focuses on expanding the understanding and management skills of MBA aspirants. With each specialisation that they offer, they have the most relevant subjects, use the unique phase of teaching and emphasis on learning holistically.

  • Personal plus Professional Development

Jaipur National University puts special attention on developing personal skills as well as manager skills of the students that helps in their holistic development and makes them strong professionals of their respective streams. The university believes that to excel in life, career-wise, one needs to be strong in terms of personal and professional skills.

  • Student Assistance, All the Way

The university nurtures students in all possible ways. It offers extensive student support services. The University utilises telecommunication facilities to extend regular guidance and support to students.

  • Tech and Knowledge Savvy

Jaipur National University tries every day to meet the demand of learning for the present market scenario by aiding it with the best of technological uses. The university has received recognition for the incredible programmes that it offers through distance education and for creating an educational hub that eligible students always look forward to.

  • Some other Salient Features

Constant evaluation Semester System
Functional Research Extensive Study Material
Interrelated Degree Programmes

Programme Fee

Payment of the fees for the Distance MBA programme is to be made through Demand Draft in favour of Jaipur National University in Jaipur.

Programme MBA
Admission Fee INR 500 (One Time)
Programme Fee INR 8,000 Per Semester
Examination Fee INR 2,000 Per Semester
Total Payable Amount INR 10,500 Per Semester
Back/Due Paper Exam Fee INR 2,000


In order to be eligible, a student must be a graduate in any disciplinary field from a recognised university.

Specialisations and Future Prospects

Human Resource Management Project Management
Marketing Management Supply Chain Management
Financial Management Airport and Airline Management
Operations Management Banking and Finance Management
Rural Management Construction Management
Hospital Administration International Business Management
Hospitality Management Total Quality Management
Information Technology

Let’s Discuss these Specialisations in Detail:

  • Human Resource Management: In Human Resource Management, you will take upon the role of interviewing people, employing them, managing the employees, coming up with policies and new strategies, compensating them, catering to their issues, etc. This field has continuously undergone multiple changes giving its rising importance each year.

  • Marketing Management: Marketing Management, one of the most popular fields of work today is about operating, managing and controlling various activities and people involved in marketing which involves PR, Advertising, Selling, Promotions, Use of Social Media, etc.

  • Financial Management: One of the most sought-after specialisations in an MBA is Financial Management, which teaches about the operations of finances, the exchange of monetary resources, the financial aspects & scenarios, different rules & regulations, related compliances, decisions, rules, obligations, etc.

  • Operations Management: Operations Management is all about learning how different processes, tasks, decisions, etc. are taken to design, control, and manage the production of services or goods, resource management and meeting the customers’ expectations and requirements.

  • Rural Management: This field of study is most applicable to the lifestyle of rural areas and teachers about the organisation, planning, directing, combining and controlling of different processes, tasks, etc. that come into use, while managing cooperative businesses, businesses and related fields in a rural set-up.

  • Hospital Administration: Hospital Administration is all about learning the different management processes to ensure that hospital and healthcare-related facilities operate smoothly and that the medical staff employed are efficiently trained and adequately supported.

  • Hospitality Management: Hospitality Management is generally related to the management of any hospitality business. These businesses are usually related to providing customers with the best of experiences through various ways of services like lodging, entertainment, travel, etc.

  • Information Technology: Information Technology Management teaches various ways of administering and monitoring the information, and technological systems of any organisation, be it the software, systems, or hardware, to make sure that they all operate efficiently.

  • Project Management: Project Management is related to different tasks and activities that are undertaken to plan and organise the use of the resources by a company to the best use and complete the given event, duty or task, related to a project successfully.

  • Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Management teaches every step involved in transforming a raw product into a final material as desired by the customers. It involves steps like procurement of the raw materials, transforming it, designing it, storing it, and ultimately releasing it into the market for the customers’ use.

  • Airport and Airline Management: Airport and Airline Management are about teaching students all the different activities and processes that help manage the airport facilities and run the place efficiently. It teaches how airports and airlines are divided into different sectors and which sector plays which role and how all sectors have to work synchronously to run the place efficiently.

  • Banking and Finance Management: Banking and Finance covers a wide range of subjects like Banking, Economics, Asset & Liability Management, Accounting, Financial Decision Taking, Financial Intermediation & Advisory, etc.

  • Construction Management: An MBA in Construction Management teaches the students about different tasks and activities that facilitate the execution of construction projects from start to finish. Students learn about different processes of planning, coordinating, budgeting and supervising various projects like buildings, bridges, roads, etc. and any such construction works.

  • International Business Management: International Business Management is a very rewarding degree since it provides a lot of career benefits internationally as well. International Business Management teaches the students how business takes place across borders and how the intermediation, coordination, communication, financial exchanges, etc. take place in a global setup.

  • Total Quality Management: For any task, project, or business, the quality has to be checked so that, at the very last moment, there is no excuse for it to fail. Total Quality Management is about making sure that the quality standards are maintained throughout those processes and so, when the output is received, it is without any fault or intermediation.

Curriculum for Distance MBA at Jaipur National University

MBA Semester 1

Paper Title Credits
Management Accounting 4
Principles and Practices of Management 4
Organizational Behavior and Design 4
Quantitative Techniques for Management 4
Managerial Economics 4
Business Communication 4
Computer Application in Management 4
Environmental and Disaster Management 4

MBA Semester 2 

Paper Title Credits
Human Resource Management 4
Corporate Finance 4
Marketing Management 4
Operations & Production Management 4
Research Methodology 4
International Business Management 4
Management Information Systems 4
Indian Ethos and Business Values 4

The syllabus for Semesters 3 & 4 varies according to the specialisation that a student opts for. 

Project Report: 

Every student has to submit a project report which is based on research conducted by them on any management-related topic. It has to be submitted before the end of the fourth semester, in the following format:

  • In about 100 pages
  • Times New Roman font
  • Font Size 12
  • To mention: Objectives, Significance, Methodology, Date Analysis Scheme


The examination and the evaluation pattern is based on the internal and the term examination.

Internal Assessment 30% Throughout Semesters
External Assessment: Term End Examination 70% During June and December every semester

After all the examinations and project submissions, the successful students will be awarded the divisions depending on their obtained marks.

I Division 60% and above
II Division 48% and less than 60%
Pass 40% and less than 48%

Admission Process

  • Register yourself at the university’s official website.
  • Submit all the required documents and wait for verification. (Educational documents, identity proof documents, photograph, signature, valid scorecard of any management exam).
  • After verification, a student has to pay the programme fee.

Lateral Entry Scheme

The university has a lateral entry provision for the MBA programme.

  • If a student has a management diploma after graduation from JNU, OR
  • An MBA degree from a UGC-recognised university

He/she can apply for the programme in the second year under this lateral entry scheme for semester three.

Mode of Delivery

  • Study Mode: Distance
  • Exam Mode: Offline

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