What is the Average Package for Jain University Online MBA?



10 July, 2024

What is the Average Package for Jain University Online MBA?

Jain online MBA programme is a recognised programme that offers multiple specialisations such as Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management, General Management, Human Resource Management and much more. The college holds a NAAC A++ accreditation and an NIRF ranking of 68. This programme has a well-designed curriculum that covers various subjects such as Business Economics, Accounting, Organisational Behaviour, and much more that prepare the candidates for job roles appropriate in the diverse fields of management.


College Name Jain University, Bangalore 
Course Online MBA Course
Course Mode Online 
Duration  Two Years, four semesters
Accreditations  NAAC A++
NBA Accreditation
AICTE Recognised 
Ranking NIRF 68 in University category
Approvals UGC – DEB approved 

Average Salary Package for Management Students in India

An average package or salary for an MBA graduate gives an insight into what an MBA graduate can expect to earn to understand the return on investment for their education. The salary package often includes:

  1. Base Salary

  2. Bonuses

  3. Miscellaneous other benefits

The average salary for MBA students in India is INR 7 to INR 8 LPA. However, the figures can differ according to the colleges as well as the specialisations.


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Factors That Influence Average Package of Management Students:

  • Rankings and recognitions of the B-School:

    An MBA degree holds a lot more value if pursued from a recognised school. Companies filter out the colleges based on their results, rankings and overall reputation before collaborating with their placement cell.

  • Industries and their scope:

    There are several specialisations that an MBA degree offers. Each specialisation opens into a humungous industry or market of its own. While all the specialisations are noteworthy in terms of what they offer, finance is usually the one that offers some of the highest salaries. Roles in this industry such as investment banking, and asset management are often the more desirable fields that offer lucrative packages.

  • Demand for the jobs:

    There are specific job roles that are higher in demand than the other. For example, the tech industry that offers roles such as software development, data science and data analysis are promising fields in the context of their growth and stability in the coming years. This also makes the profession more demanding and is often more highly paid as opposed to the other fields.

  • Company size:

    Each company has a different format and internal system. This dramatically influences the salaries they offer. The larger corporates offer more salaries and perks such as health coverage, pension schemes, and occasionally educational grants. Start-ups or smaller organisations have lesser capital leading to lower salary figures. Only if these organisations manage to succeed, the numbers can go high. However, for such job roles, you have a lot more autonomy to make changes, unlike the giant corporates.

  • Individual work experience:

    When you have work experience to offer along with your degree and specialisation, you come off as a more professional graduate with the appropriate knowledge and skills to channel. Companies value such graduates. If you have experience in the field of finance along with a specialisation in it, you already know how the industry works and are posing a strong profile to the recruiters.

  • Structure within the company:

    Even within a company, if the job functions differ, the salary figures also change. For example, if you work in the department of operations, you are responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the company, thereby earning a good salary figure. This does not assure promising growth or potential like the other roles such as finance. The same role in the other companies may have a totally different salary to offer. For example, in the healthcare sector, operation management has a more lucrative package to offer. This logic is also applicable to other job roles and companies.

Packages Offered

Parameters  Details 
Average Package for Top 100 Offers INR 14.92 LPA
Top 500 Placed students average at INR 10.80 LPA
Top 1000 Placed students average at  INR 9.46 LPA
Average Package INR 6.20 LPA
Highest Package  INR 42.00 Lakhs PA
Package offered by 50+ companies INR 10 LPA
Companies that participated in 2021-2022 500+

Impact on Career Prospect & Return on Investment (ROI)

The salary package that students at Jain University clench directly depicts the education quality provided here. With such high-quality education and high salary, you certainly build yourself an outstanding career. With the fee structure for Online MBA at Jain University at INR 40,000 to INR 1,70,000 per semester and the average salary secured at 10.80 LPA, we can say that the programme will give you a high ROI.

Final Words: Conclusion

Placements are an integral part of decision-making as they ensure a promising return on investment. MBA degrees are often expensive and demand a significant time commitment. This means that the students have to meticulously evaluate their decisions before choosing a college. Average packages give an idea about what is the salary trend ongoing with respect to job roles in management. These figures may vary depending on factors like designation, qualification, experience, geographical locations, skillset and much more. A generic idea about the base salary, however, gives a rough idea about what are the standards set by the market resulting in easy decision-making.

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