Is Online BBA Worth the Hype? Get Your Answers Here



29 April, 2024

Is Online BBA Worth the Hype? Get Your Answers Here

Are you looking for opportunities to learn and work at the same time? Or is online BBA intrigued as an ideal match for you? The Times of India reports revealed that, between 2020 and 2021, enrollment in open and distance learning (ODL) climbed by 41.7% while enrollment in online education increased by 170% based on UGC data. The data also demonstrates the growing acceptance of online MBA and BBA programmes.

What if we tell you this is only the beginning? Due to its benefits, there will be a world of online education. The answer to “Is online BBA worth the hype?” lies in the quality of the online BBA degree. Let’s get you geared up on one of the trending online courses in India.

Source: Times of India

The Power of Flexibility & Convenience

One of the initial reasons why Online BBA is a trend now is due to the super flexibility it provides. Online BBA allows you to study at your convenience from anywhere, anytime. You can easily watch live and recorded lectures and get online notes on one platform. There is no need to search the library’s long paper archives.


  • Learn at your pace.

  • No need to travel, save money and resources.

  • Study at any time, anywhere.

Quality of Education

A common concern about online education is whether it matches traditional in-person programmes’ quality. However, many reputable institutions offer online BBAs with the same curriculum and faculty as their on-campus counterparts. These programmes often include interactive components such as live classes, discussion forums, and virtual group projects.

Key Points:

  • Make sure the online BBA programme is accredited and recognised.

  • The faculty should be experienced.

  • Connect with more people through online connectivity.

Cost and Affordability

An online BBA can be more affordable than a traditional on-campus programme. Online learning removes the unnecessary costs of travelling, accommodation, and campus facilities. It also has lower tuition fees and more budget-friendly options.

Comparison of Online BBA Fees in India:

College Name Total Fee (INR)
Online Manipal 1,35,000
Amity University Online 1,80,000
Bharati Vidyapeeth Online 1,36,000
Jain University Online 1,20,000 – 2,70,000
SRM Online Institute of Science and Technology 1,29,000
Chandigarh University Online 1,17,000

Career Opportunities

An online BBA can open doors to various career opportunities in different industries. With a focus on business fundamentals and specialised knowledge, graduates can pursue roles in marketing, sales, finance, human resources, and more. Many online BBA programmes offer placement support and career guidance to help students secure employment after graduation.

Quick Look at Career Growth

Once you’ve got your online BBA, you can work as a Marketing Executive, crafting clever campaigns to sell products and services. If building connections is your thing, you might enjoy being a Sales Executive, where you focus on hitting revenue targets. You can work as a Business Development Executives finding new business opportunities, while Brand Managers are responsible for keeping a brand’s image consistent. If you like crunching numbers, there’s a role for you too, whether as a Market Research Analyst or an Account Manager.

So, what about the pay? Here’s a glimpse at the average salaries for popular BBA roles in India:

Job Role Average Salary (Per Year)
Business Development Executive ₹3,80,000
Marketing Executive ₹3,30,000
Account Manager ₹8,60,000
Brand Manager ₹17,80,000
Market Research Analyst ₹4,30,000
Sales Executive ₹3,00,000
Advertising Executive ₹3,50,000

What’s brilliant about online BBA programmes is the placement support they offer. These colleges often help you find jobs after graduation, offering career guidance and interview tips. And because these programmes are generally more affordable than traditional degrees, they are a great option if you’re watching your budget but still want a top-notch education.

Networking and Skill Development

The online BBA bears gifts, one of which is the connectivity it provides. The online BBA programme provides you with networking opportunities. To become the next known leader, you must network, network, and network. It is the key to getting recommended and recruited.


  • Participate in virtual career fairs, webinars, and networking sessions.

  • Learn the latest practical skills through case studies, projects, and internships.

  • You can benefit from career counselling, CV-building workshops, and interview preparation.


Online BBA is worth the hype. It offers benefits beyond the traditional classes. It is flexible, affordable and feasible. The online BBA programme can take you places in your career without the tension of travelling, time management and money constraints. India provides some of the top online BBA courses. Moreover, online BBA is one of the top trending courses right now. So, what are you waiting for? Click to get the latest features of the online BBA world. Be known for who you are through online BBA today!


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