Is doing MBA after 30 a good investment?



15 July, 2022

Is doing MBA after 30 a good investment?

If you are 30+ years old, graduated, and have good work experience, and you are thinking of doing a distance MBA course to enhance your value, knowledge, and your career growth, then let’s dig in.

This article will give you all the relevant details you require before enrolling in an MBA course after 30 plus of age.

As it is said-Age can never be a hurdle in the way of an individual who really wants to learn and upgrade his skill set, you can get enrolled into a Master of Business Administration program without giving much importance to your age.

It is very much understandable that there must be some reasons why you couldn’t pursue your master’s at an earlier age. Maybe you were unaware of the advantages of the course or maybe you were having a lack of interest. Some of you may have attempted to be admitted to one such program but were unsuccessful due to your CAT score, or you may already be an MBA! So, now when you are planning to pursue your dream, there might be a lot of questions and doubts running through your mind. This article will try to answer all your queries and will sort you by the end. 

Before we proceed further, have a look at a table which gives information about the Top B-schools in the world and the average age of students.

B-School Average Age(in years) Average Work Ex(in years)
Stanford Graduate School Of Business (Us) 27 
Wharton School Of The University Of Pennsylvania (Us) 28
  Harvard Business School (Us) 27  4.2 
  University Of Rotman (Canada) 27  4.3 
  Western University Ivey (Canada) 28  4.8 
  London Business School (Uk) 29 
  Instead ( France And Singapore) 29 
  Lese Business School (Spain) 28
  Esade Business School (Spain) 29 
  Hec Paris (France) 30  5.8 
  Warwick Business School (Uk) 32 
  Imd (Switzerland) 31  7
  NUS (Singapore) 32
  ISB (India) 27 4.2 
  Lim – A Pgpx (India) 32

It is very evident from the given data that the average age of students who are studying in the significant B-schools ranges from 27-32 which means that people doing MBA after crossing 30 is a common thing.

First, let us know about the advantages of doing Master of Business Administration after 30

Expansion In knowledge – Helps you handle your promotions better 

A person who is thinking of doing an MBA in his 30s must be having years of experience and expertise with a lot of practical knowledge which means you already have the skills and all you need to know is some thesis. Doing it will provide an addition to your theoretical knowledge which may benefit you once you are promoted to managerial positions. From a person who is in a managerial level position, it is never expected that he should do any calculation or perform the daily tasks. As the manager should ideally serve the purpose of an effective leader, all he has to do is to handle his team well and get maximum output of them.

The program will teach you all these skills and will also teach you how you can apply them effectively to the people working under you.

Salary Increment-Increase your value 

There is no doubt that adding a degree combined with years of experience and expertise to your resume will bring you more job opportunities and increased wages. Any candidate is hired on the basis of his skills and knowledge and finishing your MBA makes you a complete package of all the qualities required in a perfect employee. Doing the course will increase your annual package by approximately 2-3L.

Evolution-A different frame of mind 

Being a self-aware person and working on self-growth, having good interpersonal skills are part of the qualities required for being a leader and or manager at any level.

Maybe, the decision of not doing an MBA course at the right time was taken by you because you did not want to invest in self-growth but now when you have realized the value of personal improvement, taking up this program will help you a lot.

The course will provide you with time to give yourself and also you can use this opportunity to be more attentive about your own self. You might also utilize this period to rediscover who you are and can pursue any more interests or hobbies in the future.

You get the chance to take online classes alongside other people who are studying the same subject as you. A decent distance MBA provider institute will make sure that you stay in touch with the other students who are doing the same course. Such interactions will help to increase your personal growth apart from your job description. If you are taking any learning program from NMIMS, they will provide you with a free portal where you can easily get in touch with your fellow apprentices.

Build Connections- Better job Opportunities 

After crossing a certain age and acquiring relevant experience, you must know that the time is gone when you will be able to get jobs through online portals. Why is that? Because now you are not looking for junior or executive positions, you are aiming for head or managerial positions which are usually filled based on networks and connectivity.

Doing the Masters’s program in Business Administration will help you with expanding your network and hence your net worth.

Not only this, but you can also do so by taking up a course that is providing you education by sitting in the comfort of your home. You can enrol in an Online MBA course by NMIMS and can simultaneously do your job and study.

How to get enrolled?

  • Go to the University website. You will easily get all the details here.
  • Have an overview of the courses provided. 
  • Fill in your details in the Enquiry section and you will be connected to an expert who will guide you regarding all the necessary details.

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