ICFAI Online MBA: Transform Your Future with Quality & Flexibility



18 December, 2023

ICFAI Online MBA: Transform Your Future with Quality & Flexibility

The present era has been dominated by globalisation and the revolutionary powers of the internet. Technology has also graced the field of education and learning has become more accessible and congenial in its different modes of doing degrees. One can either attend regular educational institutions or opt for an online mode of learning. And so, has been the transformation of management education.

MBA or Master of Business Administration is a two-year course with different specialisations for management aspirants. India has global-level institutions presently offering management courses. There are also Online MBA programmes and Executive MBAs that are pro-choice for professionals and students who don’t want to physically attend a university or those who wish to pursue an MBA course from an institution located anywhere in any part of the world. Convenient, flexible, and self-paced learning environments for the learners can be experienced with the Online MBA programme.

As already mentioned, India has many highly-ranked institutions offering Online MBA. ICFAI University is one such reputed university that offers an Online MBA programme with 4 different specialisations. It is a postgraduate programme divided into four semesters with a wide range of subjects to offer.


ICFAI or Indian Chartered Financial Analysts of India is one of the most reputed globally recognised institutions. The two-year Online MBA programme is open for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs seeking career growth in the area of management. Through the Center for Distance and Online Education (CDOE), the university offers one of the best Online MBA programmes for learners.

With an A++ grade by NAAC, the programme offered at ICFAI opens up tremendous learning and working opportunities for management aspirants. The learning system has been devised in such a way that promotes the holistic growth of the learners in terms of both theoretical and practical experiences.

With an updated curriculum, different electives to choose from among different specialisations, and practical work courses, the programmes set up an elaborative learning system for the students/professionals or entrepreneurs, wanting to expand their opportunities in the field of management.

University ICFAI
Mode of Education Online MBA
Course duration 2 years
No. of semesters 4 semesters
Accreditations – UGC
– NAAC A++
– NIRF 40
Specialisations offered – Finance
– Human Resource Management
– IT and Operations
– Marketing

Why is ICFAI Online MBA One of the Best Programmes?

  • Relevant Courses and Specialisations

One of the key features of the Online MBA programme at ICFAI is that the university is always on its toes to keep the course and the specialisations relevant. They always revise the curriculum so that the learners stay updated with the current industry trends and help you learn the subjects in line with the recent updates. The teaching staff are also highly skilled and knowledgeable in terms of their teaching aptitude and move with the student’s pace of learning. Equipped with it, you will always have access to recorded lectures, interactive Q&A sessions, student support services, and more.

  • Placement and Professional Training

Unlike many institutions that solely rely on theoretical teachings from books, ICFAI places a strong emphasis on practical, professional training to groom students for promising job placements. Through specialised classes, students receive hands-on experiences and efficient practical exposure, opening numerous placement opportunities. The institution boasts an impressive track record of successful placements in recent years, fostering strong partnerships with renowned workplaces across various industries.

  • Years of Distance Education

ICFAI has established a reputation by consistently delivering high-quality education over the years. The university excels not only in traditional degree programmes but also in online offerings like the MBA. ICFAI ensures that the learners encounter no distinction between online and regular degrees. In fact, the curriculum, teaching faculty, student support system, and other related provisions collectively create a real-life classroom setting, providing a convenient and flexible mode of education.

  • Efficient Learning Management System

The university stands out with its adherence to the 70:20:10 learning model. This method alone ensures that the students benefit from a comprehensive learning experience.

a) 70% focus is on acquiring in-depth knowledge of job-related aspects and fundamentals of the complexities attached to it.

b) 20% emphasis on peer learning, which involves sharing of knowledge, engaging in discussions, and collaborating to generate industry-like experience.

c) The remaining 10% is related to theoretical learning where learners go through the updated curriculum, understand the theoretical knowledge, and apply it for practical applications.

  • Accreditations

As already stated, the university has been recognised by various national and international educational bodies. With such a high-class Online MBA programme offered,  the university has received an  A++ grade from NAAC which shows just how remarkable their online programme is for the management aspirants.

Eligibility for the Programme

If you are interested in pursuing an Online MBA programme from ICFAI University, then the following eligibility criteria ensures that all the prerequisites are checked.

  • The candidate must be a graduate with a minimum 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised university.
  • The medium of instruction during graduation must be English.
  • For students with other mediums of education, valid scores of TOEFL/ IELTS//NELTS are required.
  • Successful completion of the university’s designated qualifying exam is mandatory for admission into the MBA programme.

Admission Procedure

To secure admission into the Online MBA programme at ICFAI University, follow these three essential steps:

  • Begin by officially registering on the website and completing the application form.
  • Provide the necessary details and fulfil all formalities, including uploading your photo, signature, identity proof documents, educational documents, etc.
  • Upon verification of self-attested documents, proceed to the final step of fee payment.

Once the fee payment has been confirmed by the university, you will receive a confirmation mail on your number or mail meaning that you have been admitted into the Online MBA programme at ICFAI.

Curriculum for the MBA Programme

The programme has:

  • 21 subjects + 1 project work
  • Total 98 credits spread over 4 semesters
Semester I Semester 2
Management and Organization Behavior Economics for Business
Quantitative Methods Operations Management
Foundations of Accounting and Finance Human Resource Management
Business Environment Marketing Management
IT for Managers Business Communication


Semester 3 Semester 4
Business Policy and Strategy Management Control Systems
International Business Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Leadership and Change Management Elective IV
Elective I Elective V
Elective II Elective VI
Elective III Entrepreneurship Practicum OR Business Research Project


Elective Options for Sem 3
(Learners can choose any 3 electives)

Financial Management (compulsory for those opting for Finance) Sales and Distribution Management
Global Financial Markets Recruitment, Training and Development
Strategic Finance and Corporate Restructuring Performance Management and Reward Systems
Services Marketing SMACS Technologies for Business
Strategic Marketing Management Services Operations Management


Elective Options for Sem 4
(Learners can choose any 3 electives)

Financial Services Strategic Human Resource Management
International Finance Organization Development
International Marketing Human Resource Planning and Audit
Retail Management Big Data, Cloud and Analytics
Integrated Marketing Communications Supply Chain Management

Fee Structure of the Programme

Programme ICFAI Online MBA
No. of Semesters 4 Semesters in 2-years
Program Fee INR 1,80,000/-
– INR 90,000/- per year or
– INR 45,000/- per semester
(INR 20,000/- admission fees)

Learning Methodology of the Programme

The programme’s learning management system incorporates a variety of activities, including engagement sessions, recorded video lectures, university blogs, workbooks, digital learning materials, quizzes, and participation opportunities.  These diverse exercises are designed to foster a learning environment that contributes to the holistic growth of students’ knowledge. Grounded in the five core concepts of all these exercises are to promote a learning system in students that helps them in the holistic growth of their knowledge. The five core principles are:

  • Self- Learning
  • Self-Explanatory
  • Self-Motivating
  • Self-Evaluating
  • Self-Paced and Directing
Assessment Type Weightage
Formative Assessment 30% academic weightage
Summative Assessment 70% academic weightage

Professional Opportunities after Online MBA from ICFAI

Professional Fields Roles
Marketing Marketing is probably the trendiest field of work in the present hour. After your MBA,  you can go for different roles like Social Media Management, PR, Advertising, Content/Audio/Video Marketing, Promotions, etc.
Finance and Accounting If you are interested in learning the dynamics of the flow of money, then doing a job in the Finance sector is the best option for you. You can take on the roles of a Finance Manager, or auditor. Investment Bankers, Equity Experts, Financial Advisors, Accountants, etc. This field is also one with the highest-paying jobs.
IT IT is a technical field that needs special skills and expertise to be part of. Your key duties will be working with different software, their applications, computer systems, networks, etc. You will also indulge in solving any technical errors or troubleshooting to find the best technical solutions.
Human Resources If you are interested in managing things around the firm, creating a balance within different departments, catering to queries, and dissolving discrepancies in an organisation, then Human Resources will be the best industry for you to work in. You have to have a multi-faceted persona and great communication skills, especially for this domain.
Operations Operations is one such lucrative field to work in after completing your MBA. Operations have vast working opportunities from supply chain management to production of goods and services to retail management to handling and storing the products. It is one of the most versatile fields with endless opportunities.
International Business and Entrepreneurship With such a different and versatile curriculum that covers different scopes of management, a learner can adventure into the field of business or entrepreneurship after their Online MBA from ICFAI. During the two-year course, you will learn about international business, laws and ethics of business, entrepreneurship, etc., do project reports and work on the same, etc., and see if the domain is a suitable option for you.


Professional Fields Average Annual Pay
Marketing INR 3-20 lakhs
Finance and Accounting INR 5-28 lakhs
IT INR 5.2-35 lakhs
Human Resource INR 2.5-19 lakhs
Operations INR 4-24  lakhs
International Business and Entrepreneurship INR 6-40 lakhs

Placement Opportunities

ICFAI University provides a plethora of prestigious placement opportunities in collaboration with top-notch companies across various industries.  These partnerships offer students an ideal launchpad for their professional careers, ensuring a strong and promising start.

  • Bajaj Capital
  • HDFC bank
  • ICICI bank
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Kotak Securities


In essence, ICFAI University’s Online MBA programme stands as a testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the holistic development of its students, making it a standout choice for those aspiring to excel in the dynamic world of management.

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