How is Life after a Distance MBA in India? Get Your Answers Here



25 April, 2022

How is Life after a Distance MBA in India? Get Your Answers Here

There is a lot of talk about distance MBA in India and its acceptance. Although the last 2 years have given rise to an increment in enrollments among these courses, the online economy has expanded opportunities for all. Such courses are not restricted to age, location, and qualification; rather they offer a growth platform based on which the employment rate in India can see a significant change.  

Various universities and distance MBA colleges in India have started promoting their online and distance management courses. Not only that they have also improved their curriculum, introduced new specializations, and organized job portals for the enrolled students to access, the aforementioned evolutions have helped in wider acceptability of distance MBA courses along with opening greater avenues giving better opportunities in life after MBA.

In contemporary times, distance MBA and traditional MBA courses have received equal weightage and have also been accredited by NAAC, UGC, DEB, etc. giving them their due recognition that these rankings build trust in the university and the course. 

 Since the acceptance level has increased, the job opportunities have also increased and individuals get promotions and increments based on these online MBA degrees. Life after pursuing a distance MBA is lucrative and bright.  

Distance MBA is a flexible education choice that gives students who wish to save time and money as a more viable option. Some of the best institutions can be categorized under go to distance MBA colleges in India for better and brighter opportunities. Furthermore, students receive placement assistance after completing a distance MBA program. Thus an MBA assists students in developing managerial abilities while they are employed. As a result, they can contribute to their existing employment function while doing so. Henceforward, in life after MBA such students find better and more meaningful opportunities wherein they are able to add more value through their knowledge and expertise.

Prerequisites for pursuing a distance MBA 

The eligibility criteria for distance MBA courses vary according to the university. Some universities ask for a graduation degree along with certain years of work experience but some universities also offer distance MBA courses to fresh graduates. These graduates in most of the cases should have scored a bare minimum percentage to be eligible to qualify for distance MBA programs and etc.

Job Prospects after pursuing distance MBA 

Distance courses come with added advantages that the applicants might pursue their job alongside and enhance their practical experience or freshers who might be pursuing a different course and an online MBA is their way to leap into the corporate world. 

There is a wide range of domains within business administration offering plenty of opportunities. These may vary in Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Banking, Finance Management, etc.  

This is an academic field that has no scope of saturation new specializations are introduced in the courses that have been offered via online and distance mode which is directly proportional to initiations of new and promising careers paths. 

A distance MBA degree offers everything under the sun, from placements to recognitions to networking. Virtual reality is gaining equal prestige as that traditional ways. 

Along with the N no. of advantages that distance MBA offers, there will still be rumors that students get salary packages as high as 3 to 5 lakhs, or there is no access to jobs portals as traditional ways offer, or these courses aren’t acceptable. 

Well, our research completely defies these rumors. The package and the knowledge are entirely dependent on the performance of the students. Undoubtedly, the universities offer students job portals or mentorship that can assist them to prepare for interviews with renowned companies and brands. 

People have this false perception that distance and online courses lack acceptance but that is utterly untrue because some universities have worked on these parameters and gained accreditation by the UGC-DEB which makes them as valid as regular courses. It is notably important to take into consideration the fact that with changing times post COVID-19, the acceptance for distance and online MBA has increased multiple times.

Here is a list of some job roles that can be opted for after pursuing a distance MBA in India: – 

  1. Business Development Manager
  2. Digital Marketing Manager
  3. Operations Manager
  4. Financial and Banking Analyst
  5. Regional Sales Manager
  6. Tourism and Hospitality Manager
  7. Human Resource Manager

And the list goes on. Not only is there a bucket full of opportunities but top brands and companies such as HUL, TCS, Amazon, Jio, Apple, Deloitte, Microsoft, etc. are the hiring partners of many renowned and accredited universities in India. However, most of the institutes do not provide direct placements but career advancement services wherein a student is mentored by an industry expert and is connected them to the right and better jobs in their respective fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a distance MBA easier than a regular MBA?

It is a total misconception that a distance MBA is easier than a regular MBA. A student is required to put the same effort into acquiring information and in-demand skills as in a classroom management course.

There is absolutely no interaction with professors?

Students with doubts are absolutely free and allowed to approach teachers in their institutes with their questions. At the same time, the teachers are bound by their duty to satisfy the questions in the minds of their students.

Distance MBA isn’t as valued as a regular MBA?

The curriculum of a distance MBA is the same as a regular MBA. Hence, the in-demand skills that a student can acquire through a distance MBA are no different. As a result, the actual weightage and value of both sorts of degrees is the same depending upon the intellect and skills the students have been able to gain.

What is the duration of an MBA distance course?

The duration of a distance MBA is the same as that of a regular program of 2 years.

To conclude some of the best online MBA programs can be taken from the IIMs, XLRI, Symbiosis or an NMIMS MBA. The aforementioned institutes provide some of the most meticulous and comprehensive management programs for elevating the career path.

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