Half-Day Leave Application For Office: Format & Samples



24 June, 2024

Half-Day Leave Application For Office: Format & Samples

Whether you are working from the office or home, an emergency could arise at home or elsewhere. You might need to take a half-day leave during your working hours due to private matters. In such cases, you might decide not to take off the full day. A half-day leave is a much better way to balance your work and personal life duties. Explore how to write your own half-day leave application for the office with this complete guide that includes correct samples and application styles.

How to Write a Half-Day Leave Application?

While you are writing a half-day leave application, it needs clarity, professionalism, and respect for your organisation’s rules. Few factors to consider while applying for a half-day leave application:

  • Mention if you are asking for a half-day leave for the morning or second half, along with the date and if necessary the time also.

  • Give a brief reason of your leave of absence such as medical needs, family responsibilities, or any personal commitments.

  • Unless there is an emergency, you must submit your leave request in advance.

  • Also provide your contact details like your personal phone number and email id, so that your reporting manager/boss can contact you during your absence.

  • You must maintain a professional tone throughout your application. You must avoid unnecessary information and stick to your target.

  • Lately, you can follow up with your team manager to confirm that your leave request has been accepted or not.

Application Format for a Half-Day Leave Application

Format 1:

Half-Day Leave Application For Medical Emergency (Format)

Dear Pradhuman Sir,

I am writing this letter to request a half day’s leave today, 23rd of May due to a sudden medical emergency. I have been not feeling well since morning which is hindering my ability to complete the given tasks. I may not be able to continue work today.

I have already completed the assigned tasks for today. I will be joining back by tomorrow.

Thank you for understanding.


Your Name

Format 2:

Half-Day Leave Application for Personal Reasons

Dear HR Team/ Sir/ Maam,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be on half-day leave tomorrow on 30th of May due to personal reasons.  I have informed to my team and allocated the pending task to my colleague “Name”. I have already completed my priority tasks and I will be joining by tomorrow morning. In any urgent case, I will be available by phone and email.

Thank you for understanding.


Your Name

Format 3:

Half-Day Leave Application for Urgent Work

Dear Srimoyi Ma’am,

I am writing this mail to inform you that I will be taking half day leave due to urgent work in bank today, 14th of June, in the second half. I will not be able to resume office on time. I have completed my assignments, and no assignments need to be submitted by EOD.

I would be available by phone and mail. Please approve my application for half-day leave.


Your Name

Format 4:

Advance Half-Day Leave Application Sample

Request for half-day leave on 6th of June, Monday.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you that my car broke down near Chattarpur Delhi, while I was coming to the office and I have to call the workshop to repair it immediately. I may not make it to the office on time. I will resume office in the second half.

Kindly, approve my application for half-day leave. You can reach me on the phone for queries.


Pankaj Sinha

Format 5:

Half-Day Leave Application For Office (Unexpected)

Application for half day leave due to daughter’s health

Dear Niranjan Sir,

I’m writing you this email to inform you that I will only be able to come to the office in the afternoon of 3rd June. My child hasn’t been feeling well since yesterday and she needs my attention and care. I’m taking her to the hospital for a check-up, which could take some time. She suffered from food poisoning. I will return to the office after lunch.

So, please consider this email as a request for a half-day leave.


Anjali Handa


To comprehend a well-structured half-day leave application, it is necessary to maintain workplace professionalism and productivity. Whatever the reason for your leave, you can follow the application structure mentioned in this article and examples when writing your leave application, which will help you make a convincing request to your manager/HR Team.

You must submit your application on or before time and maintain open communication with your coworkers while you’re away.


Q1. How should I write a half-day leave application for office?

If you are thinking about how to write a half-day leave application for your office then given below are half-day leave application office samples for your reference.

Dear Akhilesh Sir,

I hope this email finds you well. I’m writing this application to request a half-day off from work on 11th of June as my cousin’s marriage is scheduled. I assure you that I will complete my tasks before leaving, avoid any obstacles in my tasks, and complete any outstanding work when I return.

Thank you for your understanding.

Asha Negi

Sales Team

Q2. How do I request a half-day leave for personal reasons?

Dear Manager Name/ HR Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing this application to request a half-day leave from work on the 8th of June, the second half for personal reasons. I assure you that I will manage my work and ensure a smooth workflow. Thank you for considering my request.



Q3. Why do people request half-day leave?

People request half day leave due to emergency work or personal matters. Here are a few pointers listed:

  • Personal Appointments

  • Family Obligations

  • Personal Well-being

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Special Events

  • Personal Development

  • Emergency Situations

  • Mental Health

Q4. How should you write a half-day leave application?

To write a half-day leave application, always create formal emails in plain text. You must never leave a subject line blank. Then put a decent subject line so that the recipient can understand the body of the email. Put and write short, and crisp emails.

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