Planning Online BBA From GLA University? Here is Your Ultimate Guide



03 May, 2024

Planning Online BBA From GLA University? Here is Your Ultimate Guide

I know that deciding on a university right after 12th grade is a huge decision when all of your relatives become career counsellors, recommending you for the prestigious degree from XYZ University. But in the end, you are the only one who has to make your decision. If you are planning to pursue an online BBA programme from GLA University, then you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will discuss the online BBA programme GLA University offers, including its fees, accreditation, eligibility, and more, so you don’t have to ask your wannabe career counsellor relative.

So sit back and relax as I unfold all the details related to GLA’s online BBA programme.

GLA University Online BBA in a Nutshell

GLA University‘s online programmes erase all the boundaries of education by providing quality higher education in a wide variety of undergraduate programmes like BBA,B.Com. (Hons), and BCA, and also offer postgraduate programmes in MBA and MCA.

Let’s talk more about BBA; that is why you are here.

GLA University’s BBA programme is one of the best online BBA programmes designed by industry experts, which is the best move for candidates looking to excel in the areas of management, finance, human resources, marketing, and s. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it will help you develop managerial skills demanded by industry.

6 Reasons Why GLA’s Online BBA is the Right Move for You

  • Strengthen Your Knowledge Base: As industry experts carefully curate the curriculum, it has the perfect mix of theoretical and practical knowledge required for running a company.

  • Personality Development: Personality development sets BBA apart from other undergraduate courses. It helps you develop soft skills, such as public speaking and leadership.

  • A New World of Opportunities: GLA’s online BBA opens up a new world of opportunity. After completing your BBA programmes, you’re equipped with the skillset required to thrive in the corporate world.

  • Professional Degree: A BBA is one of the most demanded professional degrees by employers and students.

  • More Than Knowledge: BBA programmes are not only about knowledge; they help you connect with like-minded people like your course instructor and fellow classmates, helping you develop a new perspective.

  • Up to Date: GLA’s Online BBA Programmes are updated regularly, as you are equipped with the industry-demanded skills and familiar with the industry trends.


  • 12-B Status by the University Grant Commission (UGC)

  • All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

  • National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

  • Letter of authorisation by the Government of Uttar Pradesh

  • A+ Grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

  • 15000+ Students Enrolled

  • 33k+ Alumni

  • 650+ Faculty

  • 86% Placement Record

Syllabus of the Course

GLA’s online BBA programme is 3 years long, divided into 6 semesters. Following is the detailed syllabus for the course.

Management Concepts & Practices Organisation Behaviour
Fundamentals of Accounting Management Accounting
Managerial Economics Business Statistics
Business Mathematics Business Ethics & Values
Fundamentals of Computer & Data Handling Remedial English
Business Acumen – I Practical of Computer Applications
Business Acumen – II


Marketing Management Fundamentals of Banking and Insurance
Production & Operation Management Business Research
Business Communication Financial Management
Patent and Copyright Law Human Resource Management
Legal and Regulatory Framework of Business Consumer Protection Laws
Environmental Studies Company Laws
Business Acumen – III Business Acumen – IV


International Business Management Corporate Strategic Management
Specialisation Elective 1 (Group A Specialisation Elective 3 (Group A
Specialisation Elective 2 (Group A Specialisation Elective 4 (Group A)
Specialisation Elective 1 (Group B) Specialisation Elective 3 (Group B)
Specialisation Elective 2 (Group B) Specialisation Elective 4 (Group B)
Business Acumen – V Project Report and Presentation
Business Acumen – VI

GLA University Online BBA: Fee Structure 2024

If you are thinking, it must be very expensive, then you are wrong. GLA’s online BBA programmes are quite affordable. Here is a detailed breakdown of its cost.

Program Fees (Semester wise)
Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) 1st year SEM 1 1st year SEM 2 2nd year SEM 3 2nd year SEM 4 3rd year SEM 5 3rd year SEM 6
Registration Fees ₹ 1000
Exam Fee ₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,500
Course Fee ₹ 9,250 ₹ 9,250 ₹ 9,250 ₹ 9,250 ₹ 9,250 ₹ 9,250
Alumni Fee ₹ 1000 ( Additional one-time fee )


Program Fees (Year wise)
Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) 1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Registration Fees ₹ 1000
Exam Fee ₹ 3,000 ₹ 3,000 ₹ 3,000
Course Fee ₹ 17,000 ₹ 17,000 ₹ 17,000
Alumni Fee 1000 (Additional one-time fee )

Duration, Specialisation, Eligibility and More

Now, here comes the most important part: what is the eligibility of GLA’s online BBA program, and what are all the specialisations it offers? Here is all you need:


3 Years


Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Banking & Insurance


10+2 from Any stream

For open students, Minimum 50% marks are mandatory

and For SC/ST/ Other students, a Minimum 45% of Marks are mandatory

Admission Process:

  • Step 1: Register yourself on the official website.

  • Step 2: Apply for the online BBA programme.

  • Step 3: Submit your documents and verify.

  • Step 4: Appear for the eligibility test.

  • Step 5. Pay your fees.

  • Step 6. Get confirmation.

Career prospects

After completing the online BBA programme from GLA University, the candidate can expect many job opportunities with handsome salary packages. Starting from business consulting to thriving in the finance sector as a finance manager, based on their specialisation, candidates can have their dream job. A list of job roles with their average salary is listed below.

Job Roles Average Salary (INR)
Finance Manager ₹ 16.9 LPA
Business Manager ₹ 10.9 LPA
Administration Manager ₹ 7.7 LPA
Human Resource Manager ₹ 10.8 LPA
Research and Development Manager ₹ 29.4 LPA
Business Consultant ₹ 13.8 LPA
Information Systems Manager ₹ 20.9 LPA
Marketing Manager ₹ 12.2 LPA
Insurance Manager ₹ 3.9 LPA
Operations Manager ₹ 10.7 LPA

GLA Advantage

  • Hands-on Experience:

    If you are thinking it’s just another online programme with recorded lectures, then you are wrong; GLA’s Online BBA programme has much more. It follows a case study approach, forcing its students to apply management skills learned in the online lecture to solve real-world business problems. This hands-on learning approach sets GLA’s online BBA apart from all the other online degrees.

  • Programme Outcome:

    After six semesters, almost 36 months later, the candidate will transform into a highly skilled professional. But how? GLA’s online BBA programme is designed in such a way that it will equip students with industry-demanded skills. It emphasises “career by choice” skills, promoting an entrepreneurial environment among the students.

  • Career Outcome:

    BBA is one of the only professional courses that transforms a student into a highly skilled professional, making you ready to embark on the journey of the corporate world. In order to make this transformation, GLA’s Online BBA programme offers a variety of career-building services, like career planning and resume building. It also provides step-by-step guidance for your career pursuit and also provides job search support, making your transition from student to professional very effortless.

Top Recruiters

Each year, many companies come for campus placements. Some of the top recruiters are listed below.

  • Tech Mahindra

  • DishTV

  • Honda

  • V.I.P.

  • Samsung

  • Luminous

  • Wipro


Online BBA’s True success lies in this curriculum and the faculty. GLA’s Online BBA is exactly the same; its up-to-date curriculum, which is designed by industry experts, equips you with the in-demand skills, specifically increasing your employability.

But in the end, it all boils down to you, your hard work, and your dedication.

Sucesss Awaits.

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