Executive MBA in International Business: A Passport to Global Career



31 January, 2024

Executive MBA in International Business: A Passport to Global Career

In today’s interconnected world, where borders are just a line and markets work across continents, the demand for savvy professionals with a knowledge of international business is booming. An Executive MBA in International Business with a focus on global commerce can be a game-changing decision for you. This article is focused on the reasons why you should pursue an EMBA in International Business. It is not just for your career aspect, but also for the broader business knowledge.

What is an Executive MBA in International Business?

An Executive MBA in International Business is carefully designed for working professionals who desire to upgrade their career with an advanced knowledge of the domain of International Business without disturbing their work schedule. The duration of this course is usually 1-2 years but it depends on the institute/university.

During the course, you will not only learn about advanced management principles but will also get avenues to develop leadership skills. You will learn about international business strategies that will help you to excel in the world of international business. This programme is like your compass which helps in navigating the complexities of international business while keeping your career on track.

Course Name Executive MBA in International Business
Course Type Master’s Program
Modes Part-Time, Weekend Classes, Online
Eligibility You need a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks and substantial work experience
Duration 1-2 Years (Depends on the University/Institute)
Average Salary Offered INR 10,00,000-20,00,000 per annum (Approximate)
Employment Roles – International Business Manager
– Global Marketing Manager
– Export-Import Manager
– Cross-Cultural Management Specialist
– Supply Chain Manager
– Global Operations Manager

Why Opt for an Executive MBA in International Business?

An EMBA with a specialisation in International Business provides to students with comprehensive knowledge of global business. It emphasises innovation and strategic thinking. Students learn how to use different strategies to tackle various issues in a global working environment.

Here are the key advantages of pursuing this specialisation:

  • Global Strategic Expertise

You will acquire advanced knowledge of international business strategies. You will learn about how cross-cultural management works, and how to study & utilise various global market trends to formulate & implement effective business strategies on a global scale.

  • Leadership Development

One of the biggest advantages of pursuing an Executive MBA is that it provides numerous opportunities to develop necessary leadership skills. You will learn how to think strategically and come up with innovative solutions for high-level decision-making. It will prepare you to become a visionary leader who is capable of driving organisational success.

  • Networking Opportunities

The programme is focused on helping you grow a powerful and influential professional network globally. During this course, you will get many chances to be engaged in various events, alumni networks. You will be working on projects and workshops with your classmates.

  • Applied Learning

You will get a chance to work on real-time case studies and industry projects. All these will provide you with hands-on experience in global business scenarios. Thus, you will develop a results-oriented approach which will definitely help you to build a successful career.

Who Can Go for an Executive MBA in International Business?

Whether you are in manufacturing, technology, finance, or any industry, an understanding of International Business is a necessity. By pursuing this course, you will get a broad understanding of international business principles that are required for growth. If you are interested in learning about how international business works or are seeking global business opportunities, then you can go for this course.

Programme Curriculum

Semester 1 Semester 2
Global Business Environment Fundamentals of Organisation Strategy
Fundamentals of International Management International HRM
Financial Management for HR Professionals International Organisational Behaviour
Business Research Methods for HRM ITAM
Communication Skills for HR Professionals Psychometric Testing Tools and Techniques
Psychology For Managers Managerial Ethics and Corporate Governance
Foreign Language Foreign Language


Semester 3 Semester 4
People Analytics (including lab sessions)

  • a. Workforce Planning & Talent Management
  • b. Competency Mapping
  • c. Performance Management
  • d. Retention
  • e. Learning & Development
  • f. Compensation & Reward Management
  • g. Employee Welfare & Benefits
Global Industrial Relations and Labour Law, the Role of ILO
Legal Aspects of Business: Focus on HR International Study Tour
Capstone Project Work Capstone Project Work and Viva Voce
Foreign Language

Eligibility Criteria for EMBA in International Business

Most universities require candidates to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You will need a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognised university.
  • You should have substantial work experience in a managerial or executive role.
  • Some of the universities may require entrance exams such as GMAT, CAT, or specific EMBA entrance tests conducted by universities.
  • Personal interviews or group discussions may be part of the admission process.

Note: The duration of required work experience and the minimum aggregate score depends on the university/institution.

Entrance Exams for E-MBA in International Business

Candidates may be required to take entrance examinations such as GMAT, CAT, or specific EMBA entrance tests conducted by universities. It is essential to check with the respective university for scheduled exams.

Program Fee

The fee for the EMBA in International Business program varies based on factors such as the university, location, and mode of study. On average, tuition fees range from INR 10 lacs to INR 40 lacs.

How to Choose the Right EMBA in an International Business Programme?

Selecting the right EMBA involves considering factors such as curriculum, location, fees, placement services, and networking opportunities. Evaluating these aspects helps make an informed decision aligned with career goals.

Top Colleges for EMBA in International Business

Name of the College Fee
IIFT (Deemed to be University) INR 4,85,000 (Full course)
ISBM University INR 57,900 (Full course)
IIM Calcutta INR 4,30,000 (Full course)

Executive MBA with Specialisation in International Business Future Scope

Job Role Description
International Business Manager You will be responsible for overseeing global business operations and formulating international strategies so that you can ensure compliance with international regulations.
Global Marketing Manager You will be managing global marketing campaigns and coordinating product launches. You also need to ensure brand consistency across different markets.
Export-Import Manager You will coordinate international trade activities and manage customs regulations. Also, you will be responsible for optimising import-export processes.
Cross-Cultural Management Specialist You will be responsible for guiding organisations in navigating cultural differences, fostering cross-cultural collaboration, and ensuring effective communication in global teams.
Supply Chain Manager As a Supply Chain Manager, you will optimise the global supply chain across operations, manage logistics, and ensure efficient international distribution of products.

Job Roles and Estimated Salary

Job Role Average Annual Salary (Estimated)
International Business Manager INR 17,20,000 per annum
Global Marketing Manager INR 29,00,000 per annum
Export-Import Manager INR 7,67,000 per annum
Cross-Cultural Management Specialist INR 8,60,000 per annum
Supply Chain Manager INR 14,00,000 per annum
Global Operations Manager INR 9,00,000 per annum

Salary Source: GlassDoor AmbitionBox

You can always choose a job role that is aligned with your aspirations and enjoy a competitive salary. Individual experience, industry, and job location also influence salary levels.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of pursuing an Executive MBA in International Business, it can open doors to a world of global opportunities.

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