Executive MBA from IIT: Excellence in Education



25 January, 2024

Executive MBA from IIT: Excellence in Education

In the contemporary world, a mere undergraduate degree is no longer considered sufficient. The individuals have now started understanding the need of enhanced educational courses for career prospects. Especially for individuals who are holding higher positions in their workplace, MBA has become a prevalent choice unlike in the past where the options were limited.

IITs have emerged as important players in providing Executive MBA (EMBA) programmes, especially tailored for working professionals who aspire to upgrade their careers. A big credit for this shift towards executive education goes to the pandemic that has brought a revolution in the education domain wherein many professionals resorted to Executive MBA as a career pursuit. According to an article from Education Times, many professionals who chose EMBA during this period experienced salary hikes ranging from 20% to 50%.

One notable advantage of EMBA is its flexibility, allowing individuals to advance their careers in business education without disrupting their ongoing jobs. This advantage alone has allowed individuals to upscale and become better leaders along with their current employment.

In essence, the popularity of EMBA programmes has increased as it offers an accessible avenue for mid-career professionals to advance their skills and careers.

What is an Executive MBA?

An Executive MBA (EMBA) is a postgraduate business degree curated for busy professionals. The duration of this course can span up to 24 months or even more depending upon the college. It is specially designed to accommodate a professional’s schedule with weekend classes and flexible timings. The programme is crafted in such a way that it provides strategic planning, and advanced management techniques required for leadership roles.

IIT’s EMBA adopts a blended learning approach, integrating evening and weekend classes with online tutorials and occasional full-day workshops. This multifaceted structure empowers professionals with the flexibility to manage their work commitments while pursuing higher education.

The unique selling point of an EMBA lies in its adaptability, allowing participants to strike a work-life balance. Completing an EMBA can boost your chances of moving into higher management positions. Pursuing an EMBA course can be exciting but imagine gaining knowledge from the top-ranked colleges of India, exciting right? IIT has opened gateways for management courses, excelling and maintaining top positions in the realm of institutes.

IITs Offering Executive MBA

All Top Ranking IITs offering Executive MBA, as ranked by the NIRF (Management Category) are listed below:

  1. IIT Delhi (Rank 5)
  2. IIT Bombay (Rank 10)
  3. IIT Kharagpur (Rank 14)
  4. IIT Madras (Rank 15)
  5. IIT Roorkee (Rank 18)
  6. IIT Kanpur (Rank 23)

Why Opt for an Executive MBA?

  • Peerless Network, Lifelong Alliance:

    Imagine, you are in a classroom with accomplished executives from diverse industries. CEOs, VPs, and Entrepreneurs are your classmates, exciting right? Yes, the EMBA classroom is not just for academic exchange but it is a pool for professional networking. These classmates become confidants, sounding boards, and collaborators, opening doors and building a support system that extends far beyond graduation.

  • Sharpened Vision, Strategic Acumen:

    Years of experience can make you an expert in your field, but a broader perspective is the key to true leadership. The EMBA curriculum delves into Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and more, not just with theoretical knowledge but through real-world case studies. You learn to see the bigger picture, think strategically, and navigate complex business landscapes with newfound confidence.

  • Accelerated Innovation, Unleashing Your Potential:

    Stuck in a career rut? The EMBA environment is a hotbed of innovation. You will be surrounded by like-minded individuals. You will be challenged to rethink paradigms, ideate solutions, and embrace disruptive thinking. Whether it is launching a new venture, optimising your current role, or simply approaching problems with fresh eyes. The EMBA will ignite your creative spark and pave the way for transformative career moves.

  • Leadership Refined, Impact Amplified:

    Leadership is not a title, it is a honed skillset. The EMBA curriculum goes beyond textbook leadership theories, focusing on communication, negotiation, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. You will learn to lead with empathy, inspire your team, and navigate challenging situations with grace and resilience. This refined leadership style translates into immediate impact within your organisation, propelling you towards senior positions and greater influence.

  • Personal Growth, Unleashing the Authentic You:

    The EMBA journey is not just about professional gain, you will get personal growth as well. The rigorous demands of the programme and the introspective exercises undertaken all contribute to a deeper understanding of yourself. You will develop resilience, adaptability, and a newfound confidence that spills over into every aspect of your life.

Why do an Executive MBA from IIT?

IITs are India’s crème de la crème of technical and management education. Their Executive MBA programs are survival benefits:

  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: You can dive into the business essentials like Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and Leadership but with a modern twist. You can expect modules on Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, and even Entrepreneurship to future-proof your skills.
  • Renowned Faculty: You will be learning from the best of the best – professors with industry experience and real-world insights. They will challenge your thinking and push you to your limits.  They will guide you towards becoming a well-rounded leader.
  • Powerful Network: Your classmates are your future allies. You can build strong connections with executives from various sectors. That network will open doors and propel your career forward.
  • Credibility that Counts: An IIT Executive MBA carries weight. It is a recognised mark of excellence, giving you a competitive edge in the job market and boosting your earning potential.

Best Time for an Executive MBA

There is no one-size-fits-all answer but here are some career climber timings. Let’s explore the labyrinth of timing and ambition to determine if an EMBA is currently singing your professional siren song.

Early Career Crossroads

  • Turbocharge Your Trajectory: If you are working for more than 5 to 8 years into your career, you have laid the groundwork. An EMBA can equip you with the required skills, broaden your perspective, and propel you towards leadership roles. Think fast-track to the corner office.
  • But is the Runway Long Enough?: Consider if experience outweighs the thirst for knowledge. An EMBA thrives on real-world context. Ask yourself: am I ready to apply the lessons to seasoned situations?

Mid-Career Plateau

  • Feeling Stuck in a Rut?: An EMBA will rekindle the career spark. It shakes up your routine, reignites your passion, and equips you to navigate strategic shifts with newfound confidence.
  • Is the Sacrifice Balanced?: Juggling demanding jobs and family lives with EMBA rigours can be a marathon, not a sprint. Ensure your support network is robust and your goals crystal clear.

Seasoned Leadership Quest

  • Sharpen the Saw to Climb Higher: For seasoned leaders, an EMBA is not about basics, it is about refining finesse. You will deepen your expertise, expand your global vision, and forge connections with like-minded executives at the pinnacle of their fields.
  • Is It Reinvention or Refinement?: Ask yourself: am I seeking a complete career overhaul or is my ambition to level up within my current domain? An EMBA should be the catalyst, not the compass change.

Beyond the Years

Remember, age is a number, not a barrier. Consider these additional factors:

  • Company Backing: Does your employer offer financial or time-off support? Their buy-in can ease the logistical and financial burdens.
  • Personal Support System: A strong network of family and friends is crucial for weathering the intensity of the programme.
  • Financial Preparedness: EMBA programmes are an investment. Can you manage the costs without compromising your future financial stability?

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the “right” time for an EMBA is a personal symphony. Listen to your career’s melody, assess your resources, and trust your gut. You must carefully consider your needs when analysing different aspects of the programme.

  • Course Duration can range between 12 to 24 months (varies as per course type).
  • Executive MBA Course Fee (INR): INR 10,00,00 to 42,00,000

Eligibility for Executive MBA from IIT

India’s prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are renowned for their world-class Engineering and Science education. IITs also offer esteemed Executive MBA (EMBA) programmes that are designed for seasoned professionals who are seeking to propel their careers to the next level.

So, let’s climb the academic Everest together and explore what it takes to be considered for an IIT EMBA.

  1. You should have good grades in your Bachelor’s degree. This could be in Engineering, Physical Sciences (like Physics, Chemistry, or Maths), or fields like Statistics, Operation Research, Computer Application, Economics, Commerce, CA/ICWA.
  2. Specifically, you need to have a First Class degree or an equivalent qualification.
  3. You must have scored at least 60% marks in your Bachelor’s degree overall or have a CGPA of 6.00 on a 10-point scale.
  4. If you belong to the SC/ST/PH category, the minimum requirement is a bit lower – you need 55% marks or a CGPA of 5.50.
  5. Along with this, you must have at least 2 years of work experience after completing your degree by August 1, 2024.

Fee Details

Following are the fee details of  IIT Delhi, for each institute you can visit the specific website.

  1. The tuition fee is Rs.2,10,000 per candidate per semester for the first six semesters.
  2. You can find the detailed breakdown of the fee on pages 24 and 25 of the Prospectus-2022-2023.pdf
  3. The exact amount of fees and how to pay will be mentioned in the admission offer for new students.

For the new entry, here are the fees:

  • General/OBC/EWS: Tuition Fees: Rs. 2,10,000, Other Charges: Rs. 20,150
  • SC/ST/PwD: Other Charges: Rs. 20,150

Keep in mind that the institute has the right to revise these fees.

How to Apply for the Programme

You can go for any IIT particular website you aim for. Below mentioned details are an example of the admission process at IIT Delhi:

  1. Apply online and pay the application fee of Rs. 2,500 through online payment methods. Visit for more details and to fill out the application form.
  2. IIT Delhi will conduct a Written Test and Personal Interview. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria while filling out the form. You can find the online application link at
  3. Short-listed candidates will be called for a Personal Interview, and the list will be posted on

IITs Offering Executive MBA

College Name Course Name Fee
IIT Delhi EMBA ₹2,10,000 per candidate per semester for the first six semesters
IIT Kharagpur EMBA ₹6,00,000 INR (Tuition Fee)
IIT Bombay EMBA ₹42 Lakhs (Tuition Fee)
IIT Madras EMBA ₹17 Lakhs (Tuition Fee)
IIT Roorkee EMBA ₹11 Lakhs (Tuition Fee)
IIT Kanpur PGPEX-VLM ₹19,05,000 (Tuition Fee)
IIT-ISM Dhanbad EMBA ₹5,06,600 for the three-year course

Career Prospects after Executive MBA from IIT

Career Prospects after Executive MBA Avg Salaries (in INR)
Business Development Manager INR 7.3 LPA
Senior Project Manager INR 23.8 LPA
Marketing Director INR 47.5 LPA
Finance Manager INR 16.8 LPA
Operations Director INR 37 LPA
Human Resources Director INR 46 LPA
Chief Technology Officer INR 47.6 LPA
Supply Chain Manager INR 14.1 LPA
IT Director INR 49.6 LPA
Chief Executive Officer INR 70.6  LPA

Source: Ambition Box


In a nutshell, if you are ready to kick start your career without disrupting your present life then EMBA is the best choice. The icing on the cake is that now the top-ranked institutes renowned in the whole world IITs are now offering the same. You can consider factors like specialisations, format, cost, and faculty while choosing your institute. Remember, an EMBA is an investment in your future, and the ROI can be immense.

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