Why Entrepreneurs Choose Executive MBA for Accelerated Growth



24 January, 2024

Why Entrepreneurs Choose Executive MBA for Accelerated Growth

“I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” – Elon Musk

Our choices make us who we are and what we want to do with our lives. Every day we get to choose. However, there is always going to be that one day when your choices make you different from everyone else. That one choice which would help you to decide your future is extraordinary.

You are always one step away from the decision of a lifetime. Having an MBA provides you with a competitive advantage over other candidates and is an asset for becoming a successful CEO. It will also help you become a better decision-maker if you ever choose to start your own company. There are further advantages to Executive MBA courses. One of the advantages of this would be better salary packages.

An undergraduate degree similar to an MBA programme is the Executive MBA or EMBA. The course is specifically designed for executives of multinational corporations. It is a course designed for seasoned working professionals in a more general feeling. Corporate workers can complete their degrees while holding down full-time employment thanks to this programme. Before enrolling in the two-year programme, EMBA students often have managerial positions in their respective industries. EMBA and MBA components are comparable. EMBA is for working professionals who want to start their journey as entrepreneurs.

What is an EMBA All About?

Like any other standard MBA programme, the Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs (Master of Business Administration) programme is created especially for executives and senior managers who are currently employed. It is for working professionals who wish to continue their education. The courses combine online learning with evening and weekend classes in the classroom. In addition, there are tutorials and sporadic workshops included in the course structure. This degree may take one or two years to complete, depending on the institution or university. Some educational institutions offer full-time residential courses or part-time programmes, whereas not all ed-tech platforms offer online courses.

How an EMBA can Help Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

Effective team leadership, project management, and interpersonal dynamics are essential for entrepreneurs. Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs focuses on the development and success of your startup depending heavily on the leadership and management skills that EMBA programmes teach.

In order to explore greater opportunities and larger pay scales, Executive MBA programmes include an extensive curriculum designed to enhance competence. Coursework in Strategic Management, Operations Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, and other fundamental business disciplines is largely covered by this degree.

Entrepreneurial Skills You Will Develop During EMBA

The Executive MBA courses would push you to explore your strengths. The EMBA courses are developed in a manner where you would be learning new skills which are ideal for your job role in senior management and CEO roles.

Let us look at some of the skills you will develop in EMBA:

Networking Strategic Management
Leadership Group Responsibility
Communication Decision Making
Business Research

1. Networking

By networking, you can position yourself as an experienced, reliable, compassionate and knowledgeable member of the community. Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs would help you to execute your networking skills. By advancing your networking skills, you can eventually be seen as a reliable member of the field. Without a doubt, networking matters because it makes it easy for you to develop an adequate support system.

2. Leadership

Establishing a company’s culture and successful path can be done through effective leadership. Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs courses focus on your leadership role. Through different conferences and seminars, you would be able to lead your team towards success and unstoppable growth.

3. Communication

Communication is the key towards managing connections with your stakeholders, customers, and employees. It enhances idea-sharing and interpersonal connections. The Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs courses provide a collaborative nature for building better communication skills.

4. Business Research

Market research is a tool that successful Entrepreneurs apply to stay ahead of trends, make wiser decisions, and preserve their company’s competitive advantage. Research is essential to understanding your target audiences and boosting sales, regardless of whether you are starting or growing your company. The Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs course would enhance your business research skills.

5. Strategic Management

Strategic Management is essential because it assists organisations in setting clear objectives, allocating resources effectively, and adapting to the always-changing business environment. The Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs course would provide you with the right skill enhancement for strategic management. Strategic management assists Entrepreneurs in establishing set goals and a plan of action.

6. Group Responsibility

The Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs provides opportunities to work in various group projects through seminars and internships in top organisations. Letting people freely express their opinions to the group and collaborate with their respective teams is one of the ideal goals of an entrepreneur. The course focuses on various group activities and collaboration to enhance group responsibility.

7. Decision Making

 As a future Entrepreneur, you would need to make multiple decisions. The right decisions would involve many factors. Those factors could be analytical thinking, innovative thinking, intuition, and the capacity to take risks. Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs courses are compatible with these skill development areas.

Top Colleges for EMBA

Name of the College Programme Fee Duration & Format
1. IIM Ahmedabad INR 31,50,000 1 Year Full-Time Programme
2. University of Delhi INR 1,02,000 2 Year Evening Programme
3. IGNOU INR 1,42,000 – INR 2,12,440 (Depending on Specialisation) 1.5 Year Part Time Programme
4. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management INR 6,70,000 2 Year Weekend Programme
5. ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad INR 5,25,000 21 Months Weekend Programme
6. IIM Calcutta INR 31,00,000 1 Year Full-Time Residential Programme
7. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai INR 21,25,000 1 Year Fully Residential Programme
8. Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur INR 6,00,000 3 Year Weekend Programme
9. IIM Indore INR 22,11,800 1 Year Full-Time Residential Programme
10. SP Jain School of Global Management INR 14,04,000 1.5 Year Part Time Programme

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An EMBA is the magic path for you if you want to embark on an entrepreneurial career. It will help you build time management and organisational skills in addition to providing you with all the group responsibility and time management skills you need. It will also greatly enhance your brand and assist you in developing a robust professional network. Additionally, it will give you a financial understanding, ensuring the profitability of your entire firm.

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