Distance MBA: Everything You Need to Know



24 November, 2022

Distance MBA: Everything You Need to Know

MBA is one of the most sought-after courses among Indian students for higher education and they are in high demand by various corporate companies. This is because the course offers the desired skill-set to the students for attaining higher positions in the management sector. It is evident that regular MBA is more in demand than the distance MBA. However, distance MBA has its own benefits. 

Distance education is one of the possible modes of learning that has seen a drastic evolution. It is also a flexible mode of learning and can be pursued while working. People who have work commitment can go for distance education which helps them to advance in their careers. Distance education is an efficient learning mode for upskilling in their career and gaining the desired skill-set to advance in their profession.  

Distance Education MBA 

Distance MBA is slowly gaining prominence among students as it is flexible and can be completed as per the needs and requirements of the student. Distance MBA is usually opted by working professionals that are looking to upskill and advance their respective careers. Usually, there are no entrance exams that are required for admission into the distance MBA programs. Thus, it is easily pursued by the working professionals who might have other commitments as well. MBA Distance Education is affordable as compared to the regular MBA.     

Best Distance MBA Courses: Distance vs Executive vs Regular

Choosing the best type of MBA program is a crucial decision for any student. The type of learning is very important as the course modules are structured accordingly. The structure and course curriculum for any MBA degree is tailored according to the mode of education. Broadly, there are 3 types of MBA programs, that is, executive, regular and distance. Executive MBAs are usually opted by the working professionals who wish to upskill in their careers. Regular MBAs are the most popular choice among students. It is the regular 2-year long program. Distance MBA program structure is similar to the Regular MBA but it is offered flexibly to the students and they can complete it in their own time.       

Scope of Distance MBA: Advantages and Disadvantages 

The distance MBA program is similar to the regular MBA  but it is more cost-efficient. While regular MBAs require a two year minimum commitment from the students, distance MBAs can be pursued at your own pace without any geographical boundaries. It is an easy option for the students seeking to balance work and studies together. It is also an aid for students who face financial struggles as Distance MBA is affordable. The name of the institution is more important when obtaining an MBA degree as companies consider the brand name of the institution from which a candidate has done MBA. However, the scope of Distance MBA depends upon the credits a student has opted for in the course. Some institutions also provide scholarship programs for distance MBA courses. It actually depends upon the college and institution from where one is pursuing his/her MBA. For instance, the Amity Business School offers 100% merit-based scholarship to its distance MBA students. Other related scholarships programs offered by different institutions are – Aditya Birla Scholarship Program, Global Business Scholarship, Forte Fellows Scholarship Scheme, and Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship.             

Despite its numerous advantages like flexibility and cost-efficiency, there are certain disadvantages of distance MBA as well. Distance MBA offers less networking opportunities to its students. There are also fewer opportunities for internships and recruitments. There is also limited face-to-face interactions for the students. Distance MBA students are not able to participate in student clubs and other fun activities on-campus. 

Best Institutions for Distance MBA in India

The name of the institutions matter a lot when companies hire candidates for their company. Top brand institutions’ names are seen by the recruiters on the students’ degree. Thus, getting your degree from the best institutions matters a lot when pursuing Distance MBA. Some of the best institutions for pursuing Distance MBA course in India are:- 

Distance MBA Universities Tuition Fees
NMIMS – NGASCE INR 1,68,000 
Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning, Symbiosis International (Deemed University), PuneINR 70,000
Centre Of Distance And Online Education, Bharati VidyapeethINR 52,000
ICFAIINR 2,00,000 
Directorate Of Distance Education, Swami Vivekanand Subharti UniversityINR 24,000 (Per Year)

Are You a Good Fit for a Distance MBA?

Diving into the management sector is a crucial decision for an individual’s career. A student before opting for MBA regular or distance should be aware if that course is a right fit for them or not. A student must decide whether or not to opt for an MBA based on their career goals. If one is already working and is looking forward to changing their roles, they should opt for a distance degree. Distance MBA allows one to juggle between work and education. After enrolling into Distance MBA one can do class assignments from anywhere. Distance MBA is more suitable for people who desire a flexibility in learning. If one aspires for a job in the public sector, then one should enrol into a regular MBA program. If a student has family or job commitment, then he/she should opt for a Distance MBA. 

If one does not have any work experience and wishes that he/she gets a job after doing an MBA degree, then distance MBA might not be the right fit for them. In that case, they must opt for a regular MBA program.   

Final Thoughts

Distance MBA is rapidly gaining popularity among the young learners in India. As students, nowadays, choose to go for higher studies while they work. Distance MBA is also an excellent mode of learning for the development of our skill set. The choice of mode of MBA must be chosen as per the career goals of a student. Distance MBA could prove to be a good option for working professionals with high-end career goals in specific departments of management.   

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