Chitkara Online MBA: Achieve More, Be More !!



13 January, 2024

Chitkara Online MBA: Achieve More, Be More !!

In today’s quickly changing professional scene where technology is changing each and every dimension of the business world, Chitkara University’s innovative Online MBA programme creates a way for professionals to keep up with the accelerating pace of development.

Realising the need for continuous and ongoing learning needs of the 21st-century professionals, Chitkara University has come up with an adaptive curriculum designed in lines with latest industrial developments.

Unlike the traditional approach of earning a degree and stopping growth, Chitkara University’s Online MBA programme strongly emphasises the need for ongoing skill improvement and learning of current information.

The Online MBA programme at Chitkara University Online is created to meet the demands of working professionals by providing them with the skills they need to thrive in a world that is unpredictable and full of change.

About Chitkara University Online

The Chitkara family established the prestigious university Chitkara University in 2002 with the goal of offering high-end education. By recognising the changing demands of a student base and providing a wide range of courses which are specifically created to meet those demands, Chitkara University took a step ahead in the online learning market. Redefining traditional teaching methods and adding a strong attitude to the industry, Chitkara University Online has emerged as a pioneer in the online education space.

Rankings and Accreditations

  • NIRF Ranking: 101–150 band (University Category)
  • NAAC A+

Chitkara Online MBA: Your Key to Success

Along with traditional educational methods, success requires flexibility, strategic thinking, and an in-depth awareness of modern business developments. Chitkara University Online recognises this need and provides a transformative opportunity with its Online MBA programme, which is the key to unlocking the door to success.

One of the best features of Chitkara Online MBA is the array of specialisations it offers. Whether you love to delve into the intricacies of Finance and Accounting, explore the world of Data Science, or lead in Marketing and Sales, Chitkara University provides a diverse range of categories catering to the varied interests and career goals of aspiring professionals.

Course Name Online MBA
Course Type Masters’ Programme
Duration 2 Years, can be extended to 4 Years
Mode of Learning Online
Ratings NAAC A+
Approved by UGC-DEB, AICTE
Fee Structure INR 2,00,000 – 6,00,000 (Complete Course)
Eligibility Criteria A candidate must have completed graduation or an equivalent qualification from a recognised university or institution
Average Salary Offered INR 10 LPA
Admission Drive
Exam Drive
Payment Facility Loan & EMI
Examination Method Online Assignment and Online Examination
Placement Resume Building, Interview Preparation and Placements
Career Opportunities  – Operations Manager
– HR Manager
– Marketing Executive
– SAP Consultant
– Business Development Manager
– Financial Analyst
– Business Analyst (IT)

Specialisations to Choose From

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing
  3. Business Analytics (in Knowledge Partnership with EY)
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. International Finance & Accounting (with ACCA)
  6. Financial Services & Planning
  7. International Business with Specialisation in Marketing
  8. International Business with Specialisation in Finance
  9. International Business with Specialisation in Human Resource Management
  10. International Business with Specialisation in Business Analytics

Eligibility Criteria

A candidate must have completed graduation or equivalent qualification from a recognised university or institution.

Fee Structure

The university offers 2 options to submit the fee, that is:

  • Semester-wise fee payment
  • Annual fee payment

The fee varies as per the specialisation. The specialisation-wise course fee is:

Specialisation Total Fee (INR)
Finance 2,00,000
Marketing 2,00,000
Business Analytics (in Knowledge Partnership with EY) 2,50,000
Human Resource Management 2,00,000
International Finance & Accounting (with ACCA) 3,00,000
Financial Services & Planning 2,25,000
International Business with Specialisation in Marketing / Finance / Business Analytics / Human Resource Management 6,00,000

In addition to the above-mentioned fee, a student has to bear the following expenses: 

One Time Registration
One Time Registration 1,000/-
Cumulative Exam Fee 4,000/-
Total Fee 5,000/-

Course Curriculum

Talent Acquisition Learning & Development
Cross Cultural Management Strategic HRM
Performance Appraisal and Management Compensation & Benefits
Organisational Behaviour and HR Strategic Management
Business Communication Managerial Economics


Specialisation Electives Specialisation Electives
Capstone Project

Why Pursue an Online MBA from Chitkara University Online?

Starting an online MBA programme can be a life-changing choice, and picking the proper school is necessary. The following points make enrolling in Chitkara University Online MBA programme unique and special:

  • Highly Esteemed MBA Degree:

    In the academic world, Chitkara University Online MBA programme is highly suggested. The school’s dedication to providing high-quality education is proved by its NAAC A+ certification, which is the guarantee that your MBA is more than just a degree — it is a badge of excellence.

  • Large Alumni Network:

    By signing into Chitkara University Online, you can get in touch with a wealth of alumni—more than five lac participants. Your academic and professional path will be strengthened by the number of and varied interactions, mentorship opportunities, and treasury of collective wisdom that this community offers.

  • Learning Environment:

    Chitkara University Online assures an interactive learning environment where knowledge is shared outside conventional limits. You can easily communicate with renowned scholars and company executives through live sessions, engaging forums, and state-of-the-art digital platforms, receiving knowledge that goes beyond textbooks.

  • Curriculum:

    The course work at Chitkara University Online serves as a guide for success in the actual business world and goes beyond theory. The MBA programme was designed with input from industry professionals and places an intense focus on basic abilities to guarantee that graduates acquire the skills and knowledge they require and that companies value.

  • Smooth Occupation Progress:

    You have a powerful tool for job progress when you get an Online MBA from Chitkara University. Having access to more than 500 hiring partners makes career growth easier and smoother. You will have the opportunity to enter the working world with confidence thanks to the university’s excellent commercial relationships.

Facilities Offered

Learning Environment: With No Back Row

1. Live Sessions:

  • Attend live, weekly classes that include document sharing, negotiation scenarios, break-out rooms, live chats, and interactions in real time.
  • The university brings every student face-to-face through the use of webcams, which will encourage dynamic connection and active involvement.

2. Small Classes:

  • Experience small class settings that are identical to the ones seen in typical on-campus settings, even though you have been separated by distance.
  • Promotes close, personal relationships between teachers and students in order to ensure an enjoyable learning environment.

3. Course Content:

  • Access 24/7 coursework from any internet-enabled device.
  • Immerse yourself in highly collaborative, multimedia course content, including interactive case studies, professionally produced videos, and cutting-edge learning tools.

4. Group Work:

  • Make team-work a priority by working on small group assignments/tasks, participating in interactive study sessions, acting out negotiations, and presenting joint projects with others.
  • Join social and professional student organisations to create a strong relationship with your classmates.

5. Real-World Learning:

  • Examine international business through activities such as social clubs, exchange programmes, long-term guidance projects, and global summits.
  • Develop relationships with instructors and fellow learners while you learn more about different companies’ systems.

Validity of Chitkara University Online Degrees

  • Chitkara University Online degrees are recognised both nationally and globally.
  • The university’s outstanding accreditations reflect its dedication to providing superior education.
  • UGC and AICTE accreditation indicate that Chitkara University Online adheres with national guidelines.
  • The recognised A+ accreditation awarded by NAAC shows a dedication to high academic performance.
  • Getting a good rank in NIRF offers the degrees from the university even more credibility.
  • International relationships increase acceptance and recognition on an international level.

Career Opportunities after Online MBA from Chitkara University

Brand Manager In responsibility of developing brand strategy, managing marketing initiatives, and ensuring consistency across brands.
Financial Manager Take care of investment activity, create financial reports, and manage financial operations effectively.
HR Manager Manages all aspects of human resources management, including hiring, training, and relations with employees.
Supply Chain Performance Analyst Analyses, refines, and proposes changes to supply chain systems while keeping an eye on performance indicators.
Financial Analyst assesses financial information, produces reports, and offers advice to help in decision-making processes.
Digital Marketing Manager Develops and executes digital campaign concepts, monitors online marketing initiatives, and analyses indicators of success.
HR Operations Manager Maintains HRIS systems, keeps an eye on HR procedures, and makes sure that HR operations run smoothly inside a company.
Predictive Modeller The Predictive Modeller’s role is to make use of modelling and data analysis methods to forecast future trends, assisting organisations in making a well-informed decision.

The average salary estimates for all the above-mentioned profiles are as follows:

Brand Manager ₹18,90,000
Financial Manager ₹17,20,000
HR Manager ₹12,10,000
Supply Chain Performance Analyst ₹6,20,000
Financial Analyst ₹8,10,000
Digital Marketing Manager ₹11,90,000
HR Operations Manager ₹11,70,000
Predictive Modeller ₹8,20,000

Source: AmbitionBox

Chitkara University Online Admission Process

Step 1: Applicants can complete the application form on the university website and submit it in person or online.

Step 2: Verify your eligibility by fulfilling the conditions unique to the programme, such as minimum percentage requirements, educational background, and, if relevant, admission exam scores.

Step 3: Based on eligibility requirements and entrance exam results, qualified applicants are shortlisted for the next steps, which could involve interviews in person, discussions in groups, or talent evaluations.

Step 4: Based on the candidate’s overall achievement during the selection process, the institution creates a merit list. Offer letters, confirming their temporary acceptance to the programme, are sent to the chosen candidates.

Step 5: Applicants need to accept the offer of admission by sending in the necessary paperwork and paying the requisite registration fee within the time frame provided in order to confirm admission.

Build Your Career with 500+ Hiring Partners

Abbott Morgan Stanley
Amazon Reliance
L&T Nestle
Deloitte Moody’s
HCL Adani

Mode of Delivery

  • Study Mode: Online
  • Exam Mode: Online, Web Proctored Mode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Can I go for an online MBA at Chitkara University?

A: Absolutely, Chitkara University provides working people and individuals looking for distance learning options with flexibility through its online MBA programmes.

Q2. What concentrations does the distance-learning MBA programme offer?

A:  A variety of specialisations are available in the Chitkara University Online MBA programme, including finance, human resources management, marketing, and more.

Q3. How much time does it take to finish the online MBA programme at Chitkara University?

A: Chitkara University’s online MBA programme has varying lengths, but it normally takes two years to finish. This might, however, be contingent upon particular programme criteria.

Q4. What are the requirements to be eligible for the online MBA programme at Chitkara University?

A: In order to apply, you need to be a graduate from any recognised university/institution.

Q5. Does the distance learning MBA programme require any entrance examinations to be enrolled?

A: Admission tests may be mandatory for candidates, depending on the programme. Exams like the CAT and MAT are frequently used for admission. For more information, see the particular programme criteria.

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