10 Benefits of Distance Learning for Students & Parents



30 June, 2022

10 Benefits of Distance Learning for Students & Parents

Today’s colleges have better methods of teaching their students, thanks to the rise of technology. Traditionally, Computer laboratories were available in the majority of classrooms, enabling students to gain required digital literacy skills in preparation for further education and their future employment.

One advantage of technology that the young generation today has is the option of distance learning. The idea has no doubt brought fresh ways with which technology can be utilized for teaching the students and the concept has been successful so far, no matter for what level or grades it is used.

Popular and known educational Institutes like NMIMS were already providing distance courses for years and the arrival of the pandemic added fuel to the concept as students got highly comfortable and familiar with the process of taking from home. Now, more and more education seekers are choosing the option of studying from the comfort of their homes and are happily accepting distance learning courses.

Here are a few advantages of why a student should enrol in distance programs

1. Time-saving

You won’t need to commute to campus for a distance course or navigate crowded hallways to get to the lecture hall. Consequently, you will have more time for studying and other crucial facets of your life.

2. Flexible schedules

Some students have to work to support their families. They also make sure that they complete their education, though. Being able to juggle both is a little simpler with distance education. While online studying helps to account for the fact that every family’s financial position is unique, education is still crucial.

3. Unmatchable accessibility

Even while the world is progressing, there are sadly still some locations that are inaccessible to everyone. The most vulnerable people to this are those with limited mobility. A huge population lives in those areas where it is difficult to have access to education. For those who require that kind of help, adding remote classes to your educational system offers up new possibilities. Lessons that are missed are decreased and learning is improved when students are allowed to learn in environments where they feel comfortable.

4. Less cost

The fact that is undeniable is that distance education saves a lot of money and is highly cost-effective. The distance learning fee in NMIMS, for instance, is way less than a normal MBA course.

5. Reduces travelling pressure

One big advantage of taking up an online course is that there is no need to go and come back to the college every day which saves a student from a lot of hassle and burden. Online education is more likely to be chosen over traditional classroom instruction by someone who doesn’t drive or doesn’t want to spend money on daily transportation expenses. Even teachers can devote more time to teaching their students as their time of going to the institute and moving from one classroom to another is saved.

Here is a pie chart in which the percentage of satisfied students is given

There is no doubt that switching to correspondence courses is anyway more beneficial and convenient than the traditional method of studying. Data suggests that over 32% of students switched to complete distance education from doing one or two subjects through online studies. 

Not only students but also parents are thrilled if their child opts for Distance learning courses as the method of acquiring education is highly convenient to them as well. Here are 5 advantages listed that why online courses are highly accepted by parents as well.

1. There is no commute

A lot of parents have to take responsibility for their children so that they can reach college on time and sometimes it gets difficult for them to balance. Owing to such a situation, parents sometimes have to spend extra money or are forced to alter their schedules. Online Courses save parents from such hassles and it is relieving for them.

2. Reduces expense

Compared online to the old-fashioned method of learning, the former is fairly economical. One of the reasons why e-learning programs are cost-effective is that they require less time for training (in terms of travel, study materials, trainers, and accommodations). Furthermore, parents are spared the responsibility of covering travel costs when children study at the convenience of their homes.

3. Responsibilities and self-discipline-

Online programs require youngsters to be self-starters despite being convenient. There are deadlines to meet even though you study at your own speed and time. The bundle also includes some self-motivation, accountability, and time management abilities. If you can overcome these tendencies, you will advance far in life, the workplace, and other areas. So, this is also one advantage that parents see in such courses and motivate their children to adopt them.

4. Parents get to know about their children’s circle

It is possible that you haven’t yet met everyone in your child’s large circle of friends. However, you’ll be more aware of what’s going on in your child’s social life if you get to casually observe a digital study session.

5. Increases the Involvement of Parents-

Since students complete their online courses from the comfort of their homes, parents get the opportunity to be directly involved in the studies of their children. Monitoring a child’s growth and development requires the engagement of the parent. Parents can monitor their children’s online educational activities if they choose to do so. 

Final word

It can be seen that the online method of learning is widely being adopted and it will continue to be a hit. It enables the learners to progress at their own speed. Everyone needs a comfortable location where they can study without being disturbed. Online education will become more common in the future years as a result.

Because every parent’s topmost priority is their child’s growth, parents will also encourage their children to choose online education.

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