Supercharge Your Career Growth  with an mba  while working

Supercharge Your Career Growth  with an mba  while working


How Can an MBA Degree help you achieve professional growth?

Enhances Your Knowledge and Skills

Hone hard & soft skills such as business foundation, leadership,  communication, analytical abilities, data literacy, decision-making abilities, and more.

Improves Your Career Prospects

An article published by the Santa Clara University states that 96% of the fortune 100 companies are looking to hire MBA graduates in the near future.

Increase Your Earning Potential

According to a joint study by ‘TransparentCareer’ and ‘RelishCareers’, MBA graduates earn $36,742 more than their coworkers on average.

Helps build a Strong Professional Network

You will get to attend various workshops, seminars & industry connect programmes wherein you will get the chance to interact with working professionals, alumni, academic & industry experts.

Develops Entrepreneurial Mindset

The case study based pedagogy and experiential learning methods used in MBA will help you develop an innovative mindset that readily comes up with solutions.

Gain Diverse Perspectives

You get to meet people from different industries & cultures which will help you discover diverse perspectives and learn about how different industries operate.

Develops Leadership Skills

During the course, you will come across many opportunities wherein your leadership skills will be put to the test. This will help you to nourish and emerge as an effective leader.