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    NMIMS Distance Student Zone Details

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      January 2022 Admissions Session

      • Exams are scheduled for June 2022.
      • Assignments begin the second week of April 2022.
      • Last week of May 2022 is the deadline for submitting assignments.
      • Exam registration begins the second week of May 2022.
      • Last week of May 2022 for exam registration
      • Exams will be held over four weeks in June 2022 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, depending on availability).
      • Please note that these are tentative dates; we will notify you as soon as the exact dates are announced.

      • Your Student Number will be generated only when you have paid the full fee, including any late fees, submitted and approved your documents, and had your mobile and email ID verified by NMIMS Distance Learning. 
      • It takes 2-3 working days to activate your NMIMS Student Zone and receive your Password to log in to the NMIMS Student Zone once your Student Number is generated. 
      • It takes 10 working days for hard copies of Study Materials and ID Cards to arrive at the address provided during the Admission process at the NMIMS Distance Learning Website. Please note that students enrolled in the Professional Diploma Program do not receive hard copies of the study materials.You will receive a Welcome Kit along with your Student Materials which contains your Identity Card, Welcome Letter and Undertaking Form provided by NMIMS Distance
      • Keep the Student Undertaking Form with you; we’ll let you know when and where to transmit it by email and WhatsApp. 
      • Your NMIMS Student Zone password will be emailed to your registered email address within two working days of the Student Number being generated.
      • Study Materials are being delayed because of Covid.
      • Books for Bachelor Degree Programs have not yet been delivered, but will be as soon as they are. 
      • The University has not yet sent ID cards or undertakings, but will do so once the lockdown is removed completely.

      • Go to https://studentzone-ngasce.nmims.edu/studentportal/ to access the student portal. 
      • Click the above link for NMIMS Student Zone Login to authenticate using your web browser, ideally Google Chrome. Enter your Student Number as your User ID
      • The University will mail you your Student Number and Password for your NMIMS Student Zone 
      • Your Student Number is also displayed on your ID Card that you received with your Study Materials
      • If you have not received your password, click Forgot Password. When you click Forgot Password, an email will be sent to your registered email address.
      • You can also get the NMIMS Distance Education App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ngasce.jforce or https://apps.apple.com/in/app/ngasce/id1386634999  for Apple Store.
      • When you first log in, you’ll be prompted to change your password and update your profile. Complete these steps only once because they are required. You must fill out all of the fields in each of the three sections in Update Profile.
      • You cannot change the fields that are grey in colour, and you must only fill in the fields that are white.
      • Keep in mind that if any white field, including Address, is left blank, an error will occur.
      • Also, keep in mind that you only need to enter the first name of your parents when it is requested.

      • Orientation Session for New NMIMS Distance MBA Students will be held on: To be Announced Soon
      • Orientation Session for New Professional Diploma Students will be conducted on: To be Announced Yet 
      • Orientation Session for New Bachelor Degree Students will be held on: To be Announced Yet 
      • University limits Orientation capacity to 1000 students only to ensure smooth Q&A and information sharing. Hence, they do multiple sessions so students can take advantage of live interaction with us
      • If you miss any slot, you can attend any of the upcoming slots
      • A day ahead of time, the specifics of Orientation will be communicated by email and WhatsApp. A day before the lecture date, the Academic Calendar will be updated. Always use the Academic Calendar menu option in your NMIMS Student Zone.
      • Do not use the Academic Calendar shortcut on the NMIMS Distance Portal’s Dashboard.
      • It will provide you your planned Lectures on the days specified in the calendar.
      • To see the lecture live on the same day, click on the subject you want to watch.To attend Live Lecture, you must login at least 60 minutes prior to the Lecture
      • On the right, there is an Attend Session button that you must click to view it live. It’s worth noting that the process for watching lectures on a browser and on a mobile device is same. When prompted, install the Zoom extension / app in Chrome / App / Other Browser.

      • All of the Subjects’ names will appear in Blue Boxes, along with a variety of alternatives such as Resources, Q&A, and Forum.
      • You will find your Course Material, Presentation, Session Plan, Lectures, and all other Resources in that Click on Resources for the Subject you want to see the Lectures or e-Books for. 
      • You can choose PDF if you want to access e-Books, PPT if you want to watch PowerPoint Presentations, and Video if you want to see NMIMS Recorded Lectures from the drop down box. 
      • Session Videos is another option to have access to the recorded lectures.
      • Please note that the downloads of lectures and e-books from the NMIMS Distance Web Portal are currently disabled. 
      • You can only download via the Mobile App and view the Lectures or E-Books from within the App.

      • Assignments for the December 2022 Exam Session will go live in the second week of April 2022.
      • The deadline for the same will be in the final week of May 2022. In the Web Portal, go to Exams and then Assignments. 
      • In the Mobile App, navigate to My Courses – Subject Name – Assignments. This will only be operational in the second week of April 2022.
      • In the blue boxes, you’ll discover Assignment Guidelines and Assignment Submission Steps. On the same page, you’ll get sample answers and a video to help you prepare for your assignment.
      • Assignment Questions for all subjects can be found in the table below the boxes.
      • Download all of the subject’s assignment question files.Before submitting your completed assignment, make sure you convert it to PDF format
      • Before beginning and submitting assignments, thoroughly read the Assignment Guidelines on the NMIMS Distance Learning Student Portal.